Jackpot Wheel Bingo Review: does it really pay?

Jackpot Wheel Bingo is an application to win money through the game structure of a bingo. The platform is fraudulent and will not pay anything it claims. Throughout the game you will see that there are various ruses to keep the user inside the app for as long as possible.
Read the following Jackpot Wheel Bingo review below to find out how Jackpot Wheel Bingo cheats users.

Jackpot Wheel Bingo: is it legit?

Jackpot Wheel Bingo is not a legitimate app, as it does not pay out anything it claims and uses gimmicks to trick users. The platform is fake and the game dynamics is a scam.

What is Jackpot Wheel Bingo?

Jackpot Wheel Bingo is a bingo game in which you depend on chance. A free money making app that contains no thrills to entertain players. The platform manifests a boring game that goes unnoticed within the app industry.
The application represents a scam and a waste of time for users, so it is advisable never to download it to the cell phone.

Jackpot Wheel Bingo has too long a name for Google Play, but you will easily find it in the first search results. The app fulfills the goal of being simple and functional for the player, but it becomes monotonous. If you can’t find the app it’s because it’s not compatible with your cell phone.

How to play?

Jackpot Wheel Bingo features a roulette wheel, some configuration slots and an in-game store. The roulette wheel has several rewards and some of them look more than tempting. These rewards are not easy to reach, because while it is supposed to be totally random, the wheel will never stop on them.

You will have a number of free spins per day. If you want to play more you will have to watch an advertisement and this way the game will be reloaded. The platform is more like an advertising application, rather than a gaming app. You also have a virtual store where you can spend your reward and start helping you to win more.

To spin the wheel you just need to move your finger across the screen and it will start spinning. The reward should be totally random, but it will never land on a jackpot. The app will force you to watch hundreds of advertisements to keep playing for chances at prizes.


Jackpot Wheel Bingo does not have a withdrawal box and all you will do is collect coins that you can spend within the game. There is no real money and the proposal to win free money is just an advertising strategy to attract players to the platform. As you can see, the app is totally fake and you will never get real money playing on it.

The developers have no shame in advertising the platform as it is, but use fraudulent advertising strategies to attract unsuspecting users. Worst of all, the game is incredibly boring, and there are thousands of apps better than this one.

Conclusion of Jackpot Wheel Bingo

Jackpot Wheel Bingo is a complete scam and you should never download this application to your cell phone, as you will only waste time. Keep in mind that the money it offers is not real, but it is used to play within the app. The developers invented that you can win money with Jackpot Wheel Bingo to attract users. The platform is in early access, so there are no reviews that reveal what the application is like. This is a typical strategy of developers to hide their real harmful intentions.
Jackpot Wheel Bingo does not pay and lies to trap users.
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Jackpot Wheel Bingo does not pay.

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