Frenzy Rush – Does It Really Pay? Is It Scam? [Review]

Frenzy Rush – Does it work?

I don’t think Frenzy Rush has gone unnoticed, after all it is an app to earn free money that promises to pay us for every minute of play, something somewhat unreal but if true, a fun option to generate income. Stay until the end if you want to know if Frenzy Rush really works or is it just another lie.

Remember that for this article I will rely solely on my experience, so you can trust. You also have the comment box to tell us about your experience, just remember that we are users just like you and we have nothing to do with the studio that created it or its developer. I clarify this because there are already several comments with claims for things that we have not done, WE DID NOT CREATE THE APP and I would like that to be clear.

Also, regardless of the result of this application, at the bottom you can find the names of several lists that gather apps that do pay. I invite you to review it and find one that is to your liking. In fact, here I will leave you an example so that you can see the type of applications that you can find there. Go through them and find one that helps you.

What is Frenzy Rush?

Frenzy Rush emulates the typical machine game that you can find in any online casino. This game is quite common and simple. It’s designed to be addictive to retain users for as long as possible, although I don’t think it’s possible with the amount of constantly interrupting ads. Undoubtedly, some applications to earn free money have ads, since this is part of their financing, but not in such an exaggerated and blatant way as on this occasion.

In case you are wondering, the app was created by Moondrop and sadly this is a study that we already know about and that is not at all reliable. So far I have reviewed two of the seven games that are also presented to the public as a free money earning app ( here are both articles: Ancient and Piggy King). The problem is that both have been a total lie and more than disappointing, since the money they promise is never disbursed and you only play and watch ads to waste time.

Personally I would add Moondrop to a blacklist of companies not to trust as it only presents junk apps to the public. They always appear in advertisements promising you a large amount of money, but this is not real and you will never get a single penny from them.

frenzy rush

Installation and registration in Frenzy Rush:

Even if it doesn’t appear, the application is easy to find and you just have to type its name correctly in the search engine. If you can’t find it or when it finds it doesn’t give you the option to install, it may be due to a compatibility problem. For this there is no solution and it is best that you look for another option.

Luckily, no registration is necessary to enter, so don’t worry about having to provide sensitive information. Just focus on playing and winning.

frenzy rush

How does it work?

Well, Frenzy Rush is a much simpler game than it seems, since you only have to press a button to make everything fall into place. Once you enter you will notice that its interface is very simple and has some boxes around the screen for you to receive some help, bonuses or access some settings of your account. You will also have some mini games that can help you earn a bigger reward .

Your objective in theory is to press the button and get all the images that come out to be identical. The problem is that it is a game of chance and what we can really do to influence the result is very little, it is just a matter of being lucky. Of course, as is customary in these games, you will start out by winning almost all the shots since they need you to stay there with the illusion of actually winning money. The good thing is that you won’t have to bet money, it will only be pressing a button, although with time, quite annoying and repetitive ads will start to appear.

The reward is accumulated automatically in your account, you can check this in the box that appears at the top of the screen, that’s where all your earnings will go. As always, you will have the option of seeing an ad to multiply your coins but I recommend you not to do so.

App to earn free money


You can request your payment through PayPal and Amazon , although PayPal is better if you want your money easily. The minimum withdrawal is $500 dollars and although the beginning seems quite easy to reach, the truth is that it is almost impossible if it is not ads and you will not even reach it.

Once you reached the minimum withdrawal threshold, you will get an option so that all the data is completed. I recommend that you do not give him access to your PayPal account, as this can be dangerous.

App to earn free money

Does Frenzy Rush pay?

The truth is that Frenzy Rush does not pay, it is just a bait to attract new users and then use them to see ads, this so that the creator can get some money, but users will never get anything. This strategy is nothing new anymore and in fact the company that created it has been using it for a long time, that’s why you can also find so many generic games that promise the same thing. The best thing is that you delete this app and ignore all the applications that have been created as a study, better check our lists and find an app that really works.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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  1. I won winings on frency rush and I cashed out and had to pay a pound or 2 for transfer free wired transfer but nothing ever did go into my PayPal account.. this game is 100 per cent fake so don’t waste your time coz you won’t get any money. The only thing your get is a headache

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