Fruit Blast, Does It Pay You $20 A Day To Play? [Review]

Fruit Blast, is it a scam?

You may have already seen Fruit Blast , an application to earn money by playing games that is presented in an app that does pay , as usual. This time, in my opinion, the application looks quite fake, but there is always a chance and this time will not be the exception.

Stay until the end if you want to know how it works, what you should do, but above all, to know if it really is an app that does pay or simply one of the many lies that you can find in the Play Store . Remember that we have nothing to do with any study, so you can always trust our reviews or well, you can also try the app for yourself and realize the reality.

Regardless of what happens with this application, you can find the name of several lists that have apps that do pay at the bottom, at the end of the article. Among these lists there are several applications to earn money playing games , as well as applications to earn money for micro tasks or surveys . You can choose the one you like the most and access some articles in which there is more information available on each one. Of course, many of these apps are applications to earn money playing games and you can install them with ease.

What is Fruit Blast?

I don’t know what words to use to describe games like Fruit Blast anymore, since they are pretty boring and mediocre. Besides, it seems that all the creators of the Play Store have focused on copying only a few games and this is one of those, a game in which you have to throw coins or different objects and that we have already seen on many occasions. In fact, many of the apps to make money playing games seem to copy this method and unfortunately, most of them appear to be PUAs .

The app is created by Eastern Brother Game , a studio that has only published one other app and which also appears to be a game-earning app , or at least that’s what you see in some ads. As a company, it seems that Eastern Brother Game has focused a lot on marketing, perhaps due to the need to attract an audience that its games are not capable of convincing. The two apps are promoted as one app that you pay for and it hardly is, since they both look like generic apps that are just junk.

Look, it is quite difficult to find apps that do pay , although it is not impossible, only that the creators use this as a measure to attract users and this often makes people play with the illusions. The best thing is that you always search before installing each application or else you can end up wasting a lot of time. In this blog you can always find reviews of the most popular applications and lists that have apps that do pay , in case you want to review.

Fruit Blast

Installation and registration in Fruit Blast:

The app can be somewhat difficult to find, since it has a name that seems to be very common and which is widely used by other creators. You can still verify the name of the study to find out if it is the application that I am talking about or not. I don’t know how long the app will be in the Play Store , but I assure you that if you can’t find it, you won’t miss anything, it’s best not to look for any APK.

No type of registration will be necessary, since it does not even have a box to do this and it does not require any information from you. All you have to do is go ahead and play.

Fruit Blast

How to play?

Once you enter Fruit Blast you will see that it has the same interface that has been repeated over and over again, as well as the same game that has been presented many times. This is a game where you have an empty board, a group of tiles that will appear from the top of the screen that you can throw to make some pairs, and new tiles that are slightly larger and have a higher level.

The only objective here is simply to launch each of the objects that they give you and pay close attention to them because making some new tiles will depend on this. I think that surely with the images you will end up understanding this, also due to the fact that it is a game that we have seen many times. You just have to go forming larger and larger circles, until the app itself tells you to pass the noble, because if you wait for the final card, I don’t think you’ll make it.

Regarding the reward , I can’t tell you much, this seems to be a totally forgotten topic once you enter. No matter what you play or how long you spend in there, you will only be rewarded by watching ads and nothing else, there is no money or points .

Application to earn money playing - app that does pay


One thing is for sure, this app does not pay , despite promoting itself as an application to earn money by playing games that pays you through PayPal . No matter how long you play, how many commercials you see or what you try, you will never see any rewards and you will only end up wasting your time and space on your phone. Unfortunately this is just a junk app .

Application to earn money playing - app that does pay

Final opinion of Fruit Blast:

I do not think it is necessary to say anything else, throughout the article I have made it clear that this is a garbage application like many others that are in the Play Store . It’s not worth it and it’s certainly not a fun game at all, you’ll just end up bored and wanting to delete the app as soon as possible. Fruit Blast is an app that does not pay , but do not be discouraged, in this blog you can find some apps that do pay so that you are not completely disappointed.

In this blog you can find multiple lists that can help you in your search and in which you can find more than 50 proven apps. All the applications in those lists have an article where you can find even more information and know how it works and how much money you can earn . Also below you have the link to the most extensive list of all, just click on their name.

To access the apps you can go to the blog menu and from there look for the following names: “25 Best Apps To Earn Money” , “Best Apps to Earn Money Online 2023” , “Applications to Earn Free Cryptocurrency” , “Five Apps that They help you earn extra money” and “Applications to earn money online 2023* .




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