Rich Novel – Popular Novel, Does It Pay You To Read? [Review]

This time I will talk about Rich novel-Popular Novel, an application to earn money from PayPal  that you may have already seen in some commercials and that is always promoted as an  app that does pay. Of course, it is very easy to make this promise and lie to users, so it is always better to review the app before trusting us.

The app is new, since it was launched in December of last year and since then it has managed to accumulate the figure of 10,000 downloads, which without a doubt must have cost good money. It was last updated on January 18 of this year. Now, personally I don’t like apps that are promoted so much because  they spend resources on advertising that users will later have to compensate. If this were true and the app was that good, then it would not need so much publicity, but the public would talk about it for itself. 

In my opinion, an  app that if you pay  does not need so much noise, just allow your work to speak for itself. The same in this blog we have nothing to do with anyone, so I will always tell you if an application is a junk app so you stay away or an app that does pay. Also, one aspect that I don’t like is that it has a thousand ads inside, it will saturate you with advertising. It honestly doesn’t seem like a  legit PayPal money making app  , but hey, here’s your chance.

What is Rich novel – Popular Novel?

Rich novel – Popular Novel is an application to earn money for PayPal that allows us to earn money by reading , something that is not very common. In fact I seem to remember that I have found less than 3 applications that are legitimate and that deal with this . It seems that it is not the idea that pays the most , even for the creators and for that reason most of the time they end up being garbage.

In case you’re wondering, this app was created by Lucky Read , a studio that hasn’t published any other app so far. It seems that this is the company’s first attempt to gain a foothold in the market and the creator has been putting all his effort into it. Every ad you see will always be aimed at audiences looking for apps that do pay and is always promoted as an app to earn PayPal money , only this doesn’t seem so real in the end.

From what I’ve seen, the app is mostly focused on showing you some ads. In fact, as many as possible before you get desperate and end up deleting it, although in theory it pays you for reading and little else.

Richnovel - Popular Novel

Installation and registration in Rich novel – Popular Novel:

Despite what it may seem, it is quite easy to find and it will only be enough to write its name correctly in the search engine so that it appears among the first positions in the list of results. If you cannot find it, it may be because it is not compatible with your cell phone, something for which there is no solution.

Even if you can’t find it, you won’t miss much and personal advice, I don’t recommend any APK because you never know how dangerous it could be. You will not need any type of registration at the beginning, so you can continue and use it calmly.

Richnovel - Popular Novel

How does it work?

Once you enter Rich novel – Popular Novel you have available different types of stories, novels and other things that you can explore. You also have a menu in the barrier below where you can access other tasks and your account settings or the withdrawal box where you can request your payment . The interface is simple and you can easily locate yourself in it, you can also freely browse the stories to know which one to read.

If you choose a story, you just have to read for a while and wait for the bar that appears on the side of your screen to fill up. When this happens you can claim your reward , something for which you must see an ad and if you want to double it you must also see an ad. Apart from the other boxes you will have options such as watching videos (advertising), playing some games and completing some offers, something that is present in many other apps. The reward between each of the tasks varies and if you check very well, you can find very good rewards .

Now regarding the reward I can only tell you that although it starts out being something good, after a while it starts to go down. It will become more and more necessary for you to see ads and the amount of money they give you will be lower each time until it is almost impossible to reach the minimum amount to request your payment.

Application to earn money to PayPal - app that does pay


Well, being an application to earn money from PayPal, I think it is obvious that this will be the only option available to request your payment . When you get the required amount, just go to the wallet or, well, its logo and there select the PayPal option .

The minimum withdrawal for this is $1,000 , something that seems easy to achieve, but becomes difficult after a while. You can also request payments for $2,000 and $3,000 , although this is expecting too much from any app.

Application to earn money to PayPal - App that does pay

Conclusion of Rich novel – Popular Novel:

Unfortunately it is not a good application to entertain yourself or something similar, users only install it because of the promise of being an ” application to earn money for PayPal ” and sadly this is a lie. The app, more than an application that pays , seems to be an app to see ads and generate income only for the creator , something that is fine and that is ultimately the intention of any app (except for excessive ads), only that the The rest don’t fool people. Rich novel – Popular Novel is a free app , so don’t waste your time with it.

But hey, don’t get discouraged at all because in this blog we have had some luck at the time of our search and we have been able to find some  apps that do pay  that are more than interesting. All the lists have excellent options and all the applications there are verified, it is only a matter of choosing the one you like the most and downloading it (the link of each app will be at the end of the article).

To access these lists that I am talking about, you only need to look in the menu of the blog itself, the one that appears once you press the three lines that appear in the upper right part of the screen. Once you are there, look for the following names: “ Applications to earn money online 2023 ”, “ Best applications to earn extra money 2023 ”, “ 25 Best Apps To Earn Money ”, “ Five applications that help you earn extra money ” and “ Applications to earn free cryptocurrencies ”.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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