– Multiply or lose your bet? (Review), which claims to be the new online casino, is it as good as it is advertised? If you want to find out this, and more, keep reading, because in this article you will find important aspects of the applications, such as installation and registration, payments, what is the application itself, and the conclusion, where I will summarize all the most important things, and that might interest you, in case you decide to use it.

What is, is an online betting page, it is not an application as such since it is an Internet site, in which you will be able to bet, simulating that you are in a casino, or in its defect can also be sports betting.

It is not very different from the pages of which usually appear some ads very often, even I discovered this application through an ad, which is not very unusual, since it is the mode of operation of many of these websites.

It is not very different from the pages from which some ads usually appear very often, even I discovered this application through an advertisement, which is not very unusual, as it is the mode of operation of many of these websites.

Installation and registration:

In the installation and registration, the most relevant thing I can tell you is that I need to be of legal age to be able to make use of the website, since it is about betting, and an online casino simulation, it is obvious that you must be of legal age, or be at least 18 years old, the application gives you a welcome bonus of 100% for 5, 000 pesos or 50 free spins, this already makes me doubt its veracity, since it is very unlikely that a page is going to pay you so much money, just for using it the first time, what I can also notice is that the minimum bet is very high, so many will not be able to fulfill it, and it becomes a little selective.

Since it is not an application that you must download, but on the contrary, you only have to access the website, it does not take such a long registration, however if it asks you to have an account, and thus log in, or in case what is the first time, register and create a new one, below that ad in which it asks you for your registration, come all the conditions of use, which I already mentioned to you above, but I will mention again, the first time you must be of legal age, have a verified account, minimum deposit of 200 pesos, accept the terms and conditions, etc.

Payments in

The website, says that payments would be made through Neteller and Skrill, usually when it comes to online cash rewards, PayPal is used, since in my opinion it is the safest method that exists, also the application tells you that the first time you play, your first deposit will be doubled, how true will this be?

Within the game there is the option to play slots, Carnival, premium slots, megaways, popular games etc, something that I must recognize is that it has a great variety of games, however this does not mean, that they actually pay, it has two language options, these are Spanish and English, which makes it more accessible, and that it has more reach, not only in Mexico.


My conclusion, as always is to give an advice, look very well when you want to start betting money, because many times we go to the excitement of what when we start to win, after making an investment on the Internet, we can get out of control, and lose money, and win the least, I do not recommend this type of pages, or sites, as they ask you to deposit money to use their betting system, and nothing can assure us that this money will be back in our hands in a multiplied form, so be very careful, this site seems to be new, we can not see any review, so on this occasion, I will tell you not to use it, if you want to play another casino game, you can visit our list of apps that do pay, and surely there you can find one that is legitimate.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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