Happy Pusher – Lucky Big Win: real or fake?

Happy Pusher – Lucky Big Win is a game that is promoted on the internet as a pay to play app. The reality is the opposite of what the advertising campaign of this app says, since it will not pay you to play or for any other activity. The platform manifests several gimmicks to attract users and retain them in the game as long as possible.
The following review disproves everything the Happy Pusher – Lucky Big Win advertising campaign says. Read it to the end and find out all the details.

Happy Pusher – Lucky Big Win: is it legit?

Happy Pusher – Lucky Big Win is not a legitimate app because it does not pay what it claims and uses fraudulent advertising to gain online fame. The app is full of ads and also has the option for the player to make in-app purchases, which is not recommended at all. Happy Pusher – Lucky Big Win has a high rating on Google Play Store, however you should know that these are fake reviews. The developer pays to display positive reviews so that the app projects a good image. The platform takes advantage of people’s illusion to make easy money, so it creates a fake app.

What is Happy Pusher – Lucky Big Win?

Happy Pusher – Lucky Big Win is a free juice for Android, suitable for ages 13 and older, available worldwide. The app was designed by the developer Happy Tap Studio, famous for creating fake apps. Happy Pusher – Lucky Big Win has surpassed 100 thousand downloads thanks to its efficient advertising campaign.
. Happy Pusher – Lucky Big Win is presented as a fun and relaxing carnival game. The app claims to be visually stunning, addictive game play and beautiful animations. The app stresses that you can earn coins and various rewards, which is not true.
To download Happy Pusher – Lucky Big Win on your cell phone just go to Google Play Store and search for it by name, you will find it right away, if you do not find it is because it is not compatible with your device. To enter the app you do not need to register anywhere, you can start playing directly. This is a negative aspect of the app, as your personal data is not protected and your evolution as a player is not saved anywhere.

How to play?

When you enter Happy Pusher – Lucky Big Win you will see a board with several pieces placed and a pot that will be at the bottom to receive everything that falls. The tiles will be well organized at the beginning and then everything will get messed up and you will have to fix it.
You will also have some boxes to access the settings of the app and your account.
All you have to do here is to press your finger against the screen as fast as possible, so you make sure to throw a lot of coins and push the tiles that are on the board. Your job will be to press the screen and the rest of the work will practically do itself and you will see your winnings increase.
The rewards are given by chance. It all depends on your luck. The app gives you the option to watch ads to multiply your winnings.


When you want to cash out your winnings in Happy Pusher – Lucky Big Win you will get the unpleasant surprise that the app does not pay. The platform has no payment method and no minimum withdrawal. The winnings are fictitious because it is all a scam.

Conclusion of Happy Pusher – Lucky Big Win

Happy Pusher – Lucky Big Win does not pay because it is a junk app that serves no purpose. You should not download this app on your cell phone, as it is a waste of time.

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Happy Pusher – Lucky Big Win does not pay.

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