Jackpot King-Coin Pusher Review: does it really pay?

Jackpot King: Coin Pusher is promoted on the internet as an app where you can win money by playing. The platform lies by claiming that the app actually pays, as it does not.
Read the following review below and find out how Jackpot King: Coin Pusher lies to users.

Jackpot King-Coin Pusher: is it legit?

Jackpot King: Coin Pusher is not legitimate, as it manifests various gimmicks to attract users and then retain them within the game.

What is Jackpot King- Coin Pusher?

Jackpot King: Coin Pusher is an application created by the developer Lucky Winner Ltd., which has built a boring game that, even worse, does not pay. The platform promises to pay hundreds of dollars just to play. The dynamics of the game is monotonous, as you just have to push coins to then receive a generous reward.
To download it on your device, just search for it by its long name on Google Play and you’ll find it right away. To start playing you don’t need to register or provide personal data. This aspect of the platform is quite negative. Your evolution as a player will not be recorded anywhere and you will not receive technical support.

How to play?

When you enter Jackpot King: Coin Pusher you will have a machine that will be full of chips, but these will not fall from the board. In this context, you enter as a player and try to win money. The goal will be to throw these chips and get the bills and coins that are scattered around.
What you have to do is to press the screen until you see that chips start to fall from the top of the screen. These tokens will gather and through them you will be able to knock down the rest. Your reward will accumulate in your account and the platform will force you to watch an advertising video.
Jackpot King: Coin Pusher pays through Paypal and the minimum withdrawal is $300 dollars, a very high amount for a mobile game.


Your balance will never reach your Paypal account, which confirms that Jackpot King; Coin Pusher does not pay.
The intention of the fraudulent platform is that you watch as many advertising videos as possible for them to earn money, without ever paying you. You should know that there are hundreds of platforms that pay for watching videos and ads, but Jackpot King; Coin Pusher is a scam. Also, it is worth noting that the company that created the app, Lucky Winner Ltd., only develops garbage apps that do not pay anything.

Conclusion of Jackpot King-Coin Pusher

Jackpot King: Coin Pusher does not pay, the platform is a complete scam. The app doesn’t even offer a fun game and doesn’t pay anything it promises. The best thing to do is to ignore this app and never download it to your cell phone. The platform is a waste of time and will only waste battery and space on your device.
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Jackpot King: Coin Pusher does not pay.

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