Water Puzzle Genius Review: does it really pay?

Water Puzzle Genius is a free casual game created by developer DoraBmonkey, which is available for Android devices. The platform has built an entertaining gameplay, a functional interface and a high removal limit. However, the advertisements about Water Puzzle Genius lie when they say that you can win money by playing this app.
Read the following review and find out how this platform lies to users.

Water Puzzle Genius: is it legit?

Water Puzzle Genius is not a legitimate application because it does not pay what it promises. The platform manifests various gimmicks to attract new users and then keep them captive within the game.

What is Water Puzzle Genius?

Water Puzzle Genius is a free casual game where players must match bottles of water of the same color to earn rewards. The app is in early access, so users are not allowed to give real reviews of the game. That means that the app prefers to avoid true reviews because it doesn’t want its gimmicks to be revealed.
To install the app just go to Google Play and search for it by name. You don’t need to register or provide personal data. That means that there will be no record of your evolution as a player and the platform will not give you technical support, plus the app manifests many network errors.

How to play?

The platform presents you with several bottles of water of mixed colors that you must rearrange. Your job is to make sure that each bottle contains only one color. Choose the bottle and pour the water into another bottle until you complete the level. Since there is little room to play with the liquids, you must be careful before moving liquids from one bottle to another.

As the higher levels get harder and harder, you may want to use more items. You can get an extra bottle, undo all the liquids. After completing the level, you will receive a cash reward on the condition that you see the advertisement.

The platform will give you Amazon Badges if you complete the level using a limited number of moves. Even if they carry the Amazon logo, you can redeem them for PayPal, Amazon gift cards or any other method as long as you reach 500 badges. If you want you can redeem your rewards for iPhone 13, MacBook Pro, Sony camera, among others. Remember that you must always watch an advertising video to get your reward.


To withdraw your money you have to reach level 15 and have a minimum balance of $200, which is too high for a game. The application uses payment methods such as Paypal, Worldplay, Alipay and Linepay. However, you should know that Water Puzzle Genius will never pay you, as it is a fake app.

Conclusion of Water Puzzle Genius

Water Puzzle Genius is another fake app that is not worth trying. To withdraw your money the platform will force you to watch hundreds of videos and finally pay you nothing. They make money thanks to the advertising videos they force you to watch, so they don’t pay you anything.
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Water Puzzle Genius does not pay.


  1. When a game claims it’s going to payout, when it says you will get over $5000 in your PayPal account ……. it’s too good to be true, means its bullxxxt !! So yep will put this game on my list of complete failures ….. uninstalling after typing this message !!

  2. Scam scam scam I’ve had three players ahead of me to be paid out for about 6 months now it doesn’t move once it gets to a certain number of people ahead of you.
    Don’t waste your time

  3. This site cannot be fake because it is supported, helped and maintained by advertisers who have never informed – the participating public – of this scam.
    I count with some friends (32) to file a collective complaint (in France and in the USA) against the developer DoraBmonkey, and the advertising managers who supported the maintenance of this game knowing that they support a false publication.
    Anyone who thinks they have been abused by this scam can contact me on my email.

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