Magic Coins Review: does it really pay?

Magic Coins is presented as an application in which you can win money playing and have a fun time. The reality is that the platform does not meet either of these goals and also requires in-app purchases. The platform manifests several deceptions to lure and trap users.
Read the following review and discover all the traps that Magic Coins has throughout the game.

Magic Coins: is it legit?

Magic Coins is not a legitimate app as it does not pay what it promises nor does it offer a fun game for users to be entertained.

What is Magic Coins?

Magic Coins is a matching game where players must match identical items to convert them into one of higher value. The app was created by the developer Plarify and already has thousands of downloads.
To download this app you must go to Google Play and search for it by name. This game is available for Android devices. You do not need to register on this platform, you can start playing directly. This aspect of the application is negative, as there will be no record of your evolution as a player and you will not receive technical support.

The app has a high rating, but you should know that those reviews are fake. The platform bought fake reviews to attract new users.

How to play?

Magic Coins offers you to build your own magic kingdom. In the game you will have four new friends: Witchy, Old Mage and Crazy Raccoon Enot. To start playing you must grab the magic coins and perform certain spins. Win bags of gold, fairy attacks, witch attacks and magic shields.
You have the option to attack and assault friends and other players. You also have the option to attack the property of enemy witches and wizards and recover the loot for your kingdom. You can build houses and design your rooms and the nearest lands to the maximum level to build an ideal kingdom. You will be able to interact with pets that you can tame and become part of your team.
The app supposedly offers you treasures and chests that will be useful to tame pets and earn rewards. The game offers you items to level up, but there is a limited amount.
The game consists in touching the object at the top of the screen to throw it and combine it with one of the same appearance and level. When you throw this object on top of an equal one, it will merge them into a single one of higher level. Each time you combine two objects, you will earn money. To claim your prizes you must watch advertisements.


The minimum withdrawal is $2 dollars and to reach it you will need to have accumulated 680,000 diamonds, which is an excessively high amount. The platform offers several payment methods such as PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, among others. The truth of this app is that the prizes are fictitious and you will never receive the money you won.

Conclusion of Magic Coins

Magic Coins is a fake app that does not pay. The platform imposes you to watch 80 ads in less than 24 hours, which is impossible because of the time it takes. They force you to watch advertising videos because that is how the platform makes money.
You should not download this app to your cell phone because you will only waste time. Don’t be discouraged, here at AppsPayingMe you will find many apps that are paying and could make you extra money every month. Explore this website and choose a legitimate app that has the game you like the most and that will make you earn money.



Magic Coins does not pay.

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