Lucky Hexagon Review: does it really pay?

Lucky Hexagon is a number puzzle game that claims to be entertaining and that you can also earn money by playing. The reality is that the app does not fulfill either of these two goals, as it is boring and does not pay anything of what it promises in the advertisements. The platform manifests several gimmicks to capture and keep users captive.
Read the following review below and find out how Lucky Hexagon deceives users.

Lucky Hexagon: is it legit?

Lucky Hexagon is not a legitimate app as it does not pay as promised. The platform is set up to deceive users and waste their time.

What is Lucky Hexagon?

Lucky Hexagon is a number puzzle game intended to train your brain. The platform is simple and your task will be to drag a number tile onto the map to start playing.
If there are more than three of the same numbers together, it will make a larger number of power, multiplying its power twice. Lucky Hexagon claims to be interesting and fun and to train your brain. None of that is true and worst of all, it doesn’t pay. However the app lists positive features of its own such as excellent music and effect, beautiful interface, a good in-game experience and that it has two types of support to help you get the highest score. The app was created by Wind & Rain Game and has thousands of downloads around the world. The company discloses that the application has automatic access to your documents, photos and files. That means it can read, modify and delete all content stored on your device. For this reason, Lucky Hexagon is potentially dangerous and it is not advisable to download it to your cell phone.
If you still want to download it to your cell phone, you have to go to Google Play and search for it by its name. You don’t need to register and you can start playing directly.

How to play?

You must drag the hexagonal tiles onto the grid and strive to put the same numbers next to each other. When three or more tiles of the same number come together, they merge into a single hexagon with a larger number. You must follow the following geometric sequence: 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, until you reach 2048.
Rotate the arrangement clockwise to find a better position for the tiles in the grid. If you want you can use the hammer to break any tiles or the reordering tool. When you merge a pair of tiles, you will receive a message that you have received a cash reward. Simply tap the “open” button and watch the 30-second video to claim your money.


Lucky Hexagon states that you can only withdraw $100 dollars, through your chosen payment method which includes the most popular one, Paypal. The reality is that you will never get your money because it’s all about you watching advertising videos for the developer to make money.

Conclusion of Lucky Hexagon

Lucky Hexagon does not pay and only represents a waste of time. Do not download this application to your cell phone, as it will waste battery and take up space on your device. The platform will force you to watch hundreds of ads and you will not get paid for that, as other platforms do.
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Lucky Hexagon does not pay.

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