Dice Merge: does it really pay?

Dice Merge is an application that is advertised as an opportunity to earn money while playing an entertaining game. Dice Merge is basically a dice matching game, created by the developer Orange Game. The truth is that this platform is fraudulent, as the game is not fun and the application does not pay a penny. The promotion stating that through Dice Merge you can earn money is fake and only serves to attract unsuspecting users.
Read the following review and find out how Dice Merge deceives users.

Dice Merge: is it legit?

Dice Merge is not a legitimate application as it does not pay what it promises and falsely advertises itself as a money making opportunity with the intention of attracting users.

What is Dice Merge?

Dice Merge is a dice matching game, with easy dynamics, to entertain in leisure time. The app is free and suitable for all ages. It can be played without wifi connection and is intended to train brain functions. The reality is that the game is not entertaining and much less challenging for the mind. The most important thing to know is that this app does not pay, so it is a money maker.
The app is easy to find, and if you do not find it is because it is not compatible with your cell phone.
To enter you do not need registration, password or username, so you can start playing directly. This aspect of the application is negative, since your evolution as a player will not be registered anywhere.

How to play?

Dice Merge presents six colored dice, you have to combine three of the same dice to merge a new die. You cannot combine dice of different numbers. The game ends when there is no place to place dice on the board.
When you enter Dice Merge you will have an empty board, it only has spaces that are there to be occupied by dice.
At the bottom of your screen you will have dice that come out from time to time, some of them come alone, while others come in pairs. You have to pay attention to the numbers that have a visible face, since you must form groups of at least three dice that match exactly with the same number and color. In addition, the pairs can be rotated to make it easier to arrange them and then you just have to place them on the board.
Each time you manage to complete a group of three, the dice will join and form a new one with the numbers that add up to the previous ones. This is repeated until the game is over.


Dice Merge does not offer any payment method and there is no withdrawal box. The app misleads users by advertising that you can earn money through this platform.

Worst of all, the app offers you to buy an account without ads, which is an attempt to take money from you with any excuse.

Conclusion of Dice Merge

Dice Merge is a fake app in which you will only waste your time. You should not download it to your cell phone, as it will take up space on your device and waste battery. Note that Dice Merge has a high rating as an app, which indicates that the developer company has bought fake reviews to give a good image and get many users to join the game. The advertising campaign that indicates that the app pays to play is a hoax, as there is not even the possibility of cashing out what you won.
Don’t be discouraged, explore carefully this website, AppsPayingMe, and you will find apps that do pay, which can make you extra money every month.



Dice Merge does not pay.


  1. I have a Dice merge game on mobile phone, and base on the demands too play Dice merge game you need to put in your bank account, address for delivery of products, and my winnings are high but no payouts on the winnings payout registration, users must wait 7 days but I wait for 14 days and still no payouts, if this game is a scam or fraudulent then why is it allowed on Google play store, and there are many unity games which pops up on my phone, and I also play these games as well band I several times but when it comes to pay out they demand wire fees, I will be very grateful if I can get my winnings from the Dice merge game

  2. I start to play I see money on my account but not transfer really on account when I check money no money why or is fake game

  3. Yes I do not understand why we’re play and win but the acount I do live y it’s no really responded

  4. Hi I have know how it’s work and I need to now it’s paid its say 7days in a wokers day 15day’s

  5. I really need that money please 🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭🙄give us true story please 1000times I do open the utup and tick tock please

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