Jewel Blast & Diamond Crush Pu, $150 Easy? [Review]

Jewel Blast & Diamond Crush Pu, An app that promises to pay you

Today we review the third money earning app from V Long Technology, Inc called Jewel Blast & Diamond Crush Pu. As we have already seen in previous articles about this developer, they usually do not keep what they promise. Step with 2048 Hexa! Merge Block Puzzles and with Color Block – Block Puzzle & B. their money making apps turned out to be a complete waste of time, and honestly, I have no hope for Jewel Blast & Diamond Crush Pu.

But we must not rush, at any moment the developers can surprise us. If it becomes a junk application, don’t worry, at the end of this article I will leave you some lists with apps that will pay you. You will find applications to earn money by playing, to earn money with surveys and applications to earn free cryptocurrencies.

It should be said that this article is made based on my experience and that of other users with the application. In case you want to prove the veracity of what I say, I invite you to install the application and try it for yourself.

What is Jewel Blast & Diamond Crush Pu?

Jewel Blast & Diamond Crush Pu is an app to earn money by playing games developed by V Long Technology, Inc and released on January 27, 2021. This means that the app is more than 2 years old. It currently has more than 50 thousand downloads and no opinions, since it is in early access.

So far I have recognized two red flags with this app, one is that the studio has already created PUAs and the other is that it is in early access, even though it is more than 2 years old on Google Play. Like most of the apps this developer has released, Jewel Blast & Diamond Crush Pu is a casual game.

It’s pretty close to what Candy Crush is, so if you’ve already played similar games, you’ll be able to master it. If you are not a great connoisseur, it will not be difficult for you to learn to play it, since it is very easy.

Jewel Blast & Diamond Crush Pu

Installation and registration in Jewel Blast & Diamond Crush Pu:

We can find it in the Google PlayStore with just a search. The download process will be fast as it weighs only 117.4mb. After downloading, the app will be installed automatically.

It does not have registration, so you will not have to enter any personal information. The disadvantage of this is that you will lose your progress and rewards if you uninstall, the application data is deleted or if you lose your cell phone.

Jewel Blast & Diamond Crush Pu

How does it work?

The game mode is quite simple, we just have to locate Candy Crush. It is the classic formula of the matching game with many levels. In this case we must combine gems to overcome the levels and obtain our rewards.

In each level we will have a different objective and difficulty. I question the latter a bit since the game seems to be made so that you don’t stop winning. As time goes by, this becomes a bit boring, since you don’t see any challenge, just a little motivation encouraged by the prizes.

Each time we pass a level they will give us a prize, these prizes mostly exceed the amount of $5, there will be many times that we win more than $10. Honestly, the application is made in a very basic way, since it does not contain much more than that

Applications to earn money playing - apps that do pay


Payments are through two methods, one is cash payment through PayPal and the other is through Amazon gift cards. The minimum withdrawal amount is not that difficult to achieve and is $150, regardless of the withdrawal you want.

As I mentioned before, you can earn $10 in just one level, but yes, as you progress your earnings will decrease. They do this so that the time to reach the minimum threshold is much longer than expected.

I have a theory regarding this type of strategy, and it is that, by giving large rewards, they encourage people to continue playing. They play so much that they get to the point of making less money, but they don’t stop playing because they are closer to retirement. This is called a hook, a way to get people to stick with the app.

Applications to earn money playing - apps that do pay

Jewel Blast & Diamond Crush Pu Conclusion

As I assumed from the beginning, Jewel Blast & Diamond Crush Pu is a non-paying app, a scam. They keep their users on the app for a prize that isn’t even real. When withdrawing, an error or situation will arise that does not allow you to do so, this will continue to happen until you realize that you are wasting time. V Long Technology, Inc has taken the title of Junk Developer from us. Having not one, not two, but three junk apps in his repertoire.

Every day more applications appear that the only thing they seek is to excite their users with a prize that does not exist. Let’s learn together to identify them and not fall into this kind of trap. Information is power, and in this blog we publish every day about apps that pay and those that don’t. Give us your opinion of the application and tell us if you want us to review any other.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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