Magic Slots: Forest Jackpot – Money Making App? (Review)

You have probably heard about this application, Magic Slots: Forest Jackpot, an application to win money playing online casino activities, sounds good, doesn’t it? However, we have to test its veracity, and this can only be possible, if I test the application on my own. Read on and find out if this app is worth it or if it is better to discard it from our list of apps that are likely to pay.

What is Magic Slots: Forest Jackpot?

Not so far from resembling applications that we have already reviewed on this page, is very common its dynamics, are slot games, as we know most, and roulette where we can win very striking prizes, and usually people is where they fall, as it comes roulette prizes of one hundred, two hundred, three hundred dollars or more, and that’s when they fall for the app’s marketing.

It has Las Vegas style slot machines, and in its description it says that you can spin the slots, with an exciting and authentic gaming experience, let’s put this app to the test.

Its last update was a short time ago, March 5, 2023, it contains ads and this is explicitly described on the Google Play platform, it is for over 13 years old, and it is part of the OGLE BEOG ASDF studio family.

Installation and registration in Magic Slots: Forest Jackpot:

How can I see the moment you download the app, it does not ask you for any registration, you just need to search for it on the Google Play platform, it is important to verify that it is that the application, it has a gold color logo with green, and they say big “SLOTS”, it is made with Unity, and it is very simple to use.

Honestly I was not surprised at all the operation, it is nothing different from applications that clearly do not pay, and use the same logistics of the game, when you enter they want to catch you giving you very large rewards, and that with the passage of minutes or even seconds, will be decreasing considerably.

At this point I can already realize the obvious, and that is that this app does not pay, I would recommend from this moment, please do not download it, do not waste your time, the positive thing about reading this blog, is that you will save a lot of your valuable time, whether minutes, hours or even days.

Payments at Magic Slots: Forest Jackpot:

Payments in case that was true, not counting that we already realized that it is another scam application within the Internet, points out that you can make withdrawals in Oxxo, Mercado Pago, PayPal, and many other banks, sometimes they do this to create an atmosphere of trust between the user and the application, so that they see, are surprised, and think that there really will be a remuneration in between, do not fall for everything they see.

in most cases, when a request is made to be able to collect the money that you go generating in the applications, they take a long time, or failing that and what is worse, since it demonstrates the dishonesty of certain developers, is that when you make this request, casually and magically, you violate some rule, and you lose your account, just like that.


My conclusion for this occasion, does not vary much, since within the platform there are many scam applications, as well as many people who fall into their traps, and lies, however that is why the importance of reading this blog, so you can realize many things, before it is too late.

Do not be discouraged because this time, we have been in front of a garbage, there are many others, that surely will meet your expectations, I invite you to read the list of those who do pay in our blog, all applications have been tested by the team, and verify that they are really true.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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