Juice Life – Legit App Or Scam? [Review]

Juice Life – Does it really work?

You may already know Juice Life , an option to generate extra money from the comfort of your cell phone that has become quite popular due to the enormous number of advertisements it has, but this of course is not guaranteed at all, which is why I tried the app for a while. Stay until the end if you want to find out everything and know if it works or not.

Before starting the article I want to clarify that this is an independent blog, we are not looking to promote anyone and I will never hide a result from you even if it is negative. I say this because many times we receive complaints about projects in which the blog has nothing to do with. We are users just like you, we know how annoying it is to find so many junk apps and we want to help you avoid them so you don’t waste your time. If an app works I will tell you so you can use it with confidence, the same if it is a junk app.

Also, no matter what the result is this time, at the bottom you can find the names of some lists that bring together apps that do pay. All the applications that are on those lists are excellent options to generate extra income from your cell phone and the best of all is that you will have everything from games to survey apps or micro tasks. Check them out, I know some of them can help you. That being said, let’s see if Juice Life pays or is just another lie.

What is Juice Life?

Juice Life is basically a puzzle game similar to Candy Crush, a strategy that is nothing new and that in fact we have seen many times on this blog, Sweet Fusion is just an example of this. For now it seems that the creators of the Play Store do not have much desire to create their own projects, which is why they resort to old glories and at the same time mix them with promises that are almost impossible to achieve, as in this case. Needless to say, this app is not only a very simple copy, but it is also full of junk ads.

In case you’re wondering, the app was created by Visionnate , a studio that remains quite active and that we actually know on this blog since it created Balls King, an app that I reviewed a while ago. So far the studio has published 7 other games and yes, all of them are presented to the public as an excellent option to generate extra money from your cell phone, only they omit that much of this promise is a simple lie. You will see advertisement after advertisement with large sums of money and supposed facilities to get it, but this is not the case in real life.

Every time you see an ad that promises you hundreds of dollars, it is best to ignore it, it will never be a serious proposal. There is no way that an app can make you rich or at least give you the equivalent of a minimum wage in your country, think about it and you will see that it is something unreal.

Juice Life

Installation and registration in Juice Life:

Although it has a fairly simple name, it is easy to find. To do this, make sure you write its name correctly in the search engine and you will surely be able to find it in the top positions. If you cannot find it or it does not give you the option to install, it may be due to compatibility problems with your mobile, for this there is no solution and it is best that you look for other options.

To enter it will not be necessary to make any type of registration, do not worry about this point, you will not have to leave any email or personal information.

How does it work?

The disappointment comes once you enter Juice Life since its creator decided to go one step further and create something extremely simple, where you will not find any type of challenge or fun. When you enter you have a board full of pieces of different colors, although to begin with there will only be two and they will be placed in an order that is quite easy to deduce, so they will not represent a major problem. You’ll also have some boxes with settings and help, in case you feel lost.

The objective is nothing more than to press each group of pieces of the same color that you see, something that, as you will notice, is not complicated at all. In each level you will have to make two moves if you analyze it well, four at most, and you will be able to easily move on to the next challenge. I don’t know if at any point it becomes really difficult since I only played to see if the game was real, but I didn’t plan to spend any more time on it. Likewise, I don’t think it will get to the point where it gets complicated and if so, you can use some of the help it has there.

The reward is delivered in the middle of the game and you can see it automatically adding to your account, a box that appears at the top of the screen. The first rewards will be given to you without any problem, but then you will have to watch an ad or you will not receive anything.

Option to generate extra money - Juice Life


Curiously, here they give you the option to request a payment only by bank transfer , but this will depend on each country. The minimum withdrawal is presented in dollars despite being a local transfer and is $300 dollars , which is quite difficult to obtain. All the effort will be of no use to you, the supposed payment is nothing more than a lie .

Option to generate extra money

Does Juice Life pay?

Juice Life definitely does not pay , it is easy to see from the beginning and even more so when it offers such a great reward. It is simply impossible to sustain the lie. The objective of this game is for you to see ads, one after another, so that in this way the creator can generate income and make profits from the game, but no user will receive anything. The best thing is that you delete the app from your cell phone and leave that space for a game that can really help you, in this blog you have several options.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:


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