Kick Football 2048 3D, $500 Easily? [Review]

Kick Football 2048 3D, do they keep what they promise?

Another 2048 app comes my way, it’s called Kick Football 2048 3D and it promises to pay you $500 just for playing. We have already reviewed many 2048 apps on this blog, unfortunately they end up being scams. In this case, Kick Football 2048 3D is set in the soccer world. What is not entirely clear to me is whether it is an app that does pay or a junk app. That is why I decided to install it, use it and carry out my research. And wow, the result was not something I did not expect.

If we talk about apps that do pay, the 2048 are not completely reliable, since they end up being mostly scams. Although it is too soon to have a conclusion of this application, so we will go little by little. Whatever the verdict, I will leave you a list with applications that do pay. You can choose the one that best suits what you need, there are not a few, so you have a good range to choose from.

This article is made based on my experience and that of other users with the application. I also did my part to do some in-depth research on her. If at any time you doubt what is written here, you can try it on your own. In that case I would like to know how it went with the application.

What is Kick Football 2048 3D?

Kick Football 2048 3D is an application to earn money by playing games released by Bull hotCollapse whose last update was on December 10, 2022. It was presented to me as a game which promises to give you such huge profits that you can withdraw $500. We know that it is not the only game that promises us this, which is worrying. I say this because most of the games that promise us such an amount of money end up not fulfilling what they promise.

I did not find much information about the developer or the application. But I can say that the reviews that I have read from trusted third parties did not give this app a good position.

Kick Football 2048 3D

Installation and registration in Kick Football 2048 3D:

To install the application you just have to search for it in the PlayStore by its name. It will appear among the first results, so there is no loss.

When you open the application you will realize that it does not require registration or login. This is a very negative point in my opinion, since without registration it is not possible to save your progress. This will affect when you lose the data of the application or it is uninstalled. This means that you will not be able to recover your data since you will not have an account where it is stored.

Not having registration is also a sign that the developers are not engaged with the user.

Kick Football 2048 3D

How does it work?

Like any typical 2048 you will have to combine identical numbered objects to form a larger numbering. Among the numbers that we will have available to combine are 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024 and 2048. As I mentioned before, if you combine objects of the same denomination, you will unlock one of a higher denomination. That is, if we combine two of 8 we will form one of 16. This is the basis of any 2048 game which, as you will see, is quite simple.

In this case we will combine colored balls that will have one of the denominations mentioned. Our job will consist of shooting the balls in the direction we want. Of course, the direction in which we will shoot will be the one in which the ball with the same denomination is. By combining them, the ball follows its course, so if there is a ball with the new name nearby we can make combos. Combos translate into more score and money, so try to do them often.

When claiming your rewards you will have to see ads, which will be a bit annoying. I say this because they are of the “interactive” type, that is, you will have to interact to be able to skip it. These can be mostly minigames. We can also earn virtual money and puzzle pieces by unlocking boxes and gift boxes. Tapping 4 squares will also earn you a bonus, so you can take advantage of this. Finally, by collecting 150 puzzle pieces we can win an iPhone 14 Pro. This cell phone currently costs approximately $1,499.

Applications to earn money - apps that do pay


We will have only one payment method, which is one of the most popular in the world. It is about PayPal and according to the developers, you will have payments almost immediately.

To get your payment you must meet the minimum withdrawal requirement, which is $500. Yes, this requirement seems a bit exaggerated, as it is a large amount of money just to play. If we review the withdrawal minimums of other apps to earn money, we will realize that the difference is abysmal. Survey apps can give you a minimum of $2 to $10. Givvy’s from $0.30 to $2.

These are all totally legitimate apps, and it’s not like they pay very little. Perhaps it is that Kick Football 2048 3D is not being completely honest with us.

Applications to earn money - apps that do pay

Kick Football 2048 3D Conclusion

If you have read everything, you must assume that Kick Football 2048 3D does not pay and let me tell you, it is true. This application does nothing but waste its users’ time. In addition to this, it has the most invasive and annoying ads. This to make their developers earn a good amount of money. The thing is that at no time is this money used to reward its users. They use the typical trap that the closer you get to the minimum, the harder it becomes to get money. After that, if you manage to comply with the withdrawal, it will never come to you. This application is not worth it, if you have it installed uninstall it immediately.

If you have had any experience with this app let me know. Let me know how you liked this article and if you have an application that you want us to try. We will write you a review as soon as possible.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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