Royal Fishing Party, Easy Money To Play? [Review]

Royal Fishing Party, do you really make money?

I came across an ad for an app called Royal Fishing Party that promises to be an app that does pay. The ad featured a man earning 300 daily, just for playing on the app. It promises us financial freedom for an activity as simple as playing a hyper-casual game. Let’s be honest, it is not the first nor the last announcement of this style that we have seen. A bad sign of ads like this is that whenever they promise incredible profits, they end up being frauds.

But hey, I will dictate my verdict at the end of the article, for now I do not want to give prejudices. That is why I decided to download the application and test how true the ad is. Likewise, if you want to know applications to earn money, I will leave you a list below my verdict. It doesn’t matter if this app pays or not, I’ll leave the lists to you. This is also in case this application does not seem convenient to you and you want to find one that best suits what you are looking for.

This article is made with the intention of informing, everything you will see written will be based on my experience with the application. I will also add things that I have been finding with research and third-party opinions. If at any time you doubt the information given, you are free to install the application and try it for yourself.

What is Royal Fishing Party?

Royal Fishing Party is an app to earn money by playing games launched by A Coding Wolf on February 14, 2023. The app is only a little over 2 weeks after launching and already has over 50,000 downloads. It is an impressive figure for the short time it has on the air. But this is also because it is an application that has a good investment in advertising. Just as an announcement about her reached me, it has also reached thousands of other people. All, or mostly, driven to download it for the prize they offer.

Very little can be said about the developer since it was born at the same time as the application. There is no record of any other application being warded by it. But if this app turns out to be a scam, I assure you it will get a very bad reputation.

The game is also in early access, so you can’t get feedback from other users. Well, not officially, since we can find some reviews if we investigate well. Unfortunately for him, what I found more than encouraging was something that gave me reason to doubt. A lot of negative feedback from reliable sources.

Royal Fishing Party

Installation and registration in Royal Fishing Party:

Installation is super easy, just search for it by name. Despite being a relatively new application, it will appear among the first results.

This application does not have any registration, which is worrying in my opinion. This is because, in those cases, developers don’t care what happens to their users’ data. In other words, nothing you do will be saved if you lose the application.

How does it work?

When starting the game they will give us a series of very striking instructions. “Three easy steps to win $500 easily and for free.” This can interest anyone, but what does this application have to tell us? Well, you will see, according to this “guide”, we must follow the following steps: 1, Earn points by playing Royal Fishing Party. 2, make your withdrawals in the application. 3, enjoy the money earned after all your efforts. It seems to be something very easy, and maybe it is, but the game is promising a lot with so little clear.

We then move on to gameplay, which is similar to some seen on this blog. The game is a matching game, in this case we will match cannons or turrets. It’s like a Merge game combined with Tower Defense. Basically we must combine the identical turrets to obtain more powerful and higher level towers. You can position these combined turrets in 5 squares that we will have available and thus defeat the hordes of sea creatures. Once we eliminate these creatures, they will reward us with points. In order to claim our rewards we must see an ad, a typical trick among developers.

The game also encourages us to collect fragments and complete more than 100 levels to win an iPhone 14 Pro. This option makes me even more suspicious, since this is usually a complete scam. All the apps I’ve reviewed that offer an iPhone are, without fail, PUAs.

Royal Fishing Party


As I mentioned before, in the game we will be paid with points. These points can be exchanged later for cash in some payment method. We will have several payment methods in which to withdraw, but I will only mention the most popular, which are PayPal and Cash App.

The minimum withdrawal is 5000 points, which translates to $500. This was a bit strange to me since the ad featured a person withdrawing $300. And once we try the game we realize that the minimum withdrawal is $500 and not $300.

Applications to earn money playing - apps that do pay

Royal Fishing Party Conclusion

You don’t have to be a great connoisseur to deduce that Royal Fishing Party does not pay. This application has made thousands of people waste time by making them believe that they will earn money. and it is that its great success is based on that, its advertisement attracts thousands and thousands of people, who download the game with the hope of earning some money. after that they encourage you to play, giving you good sums of money every time you eliminate sea creatures. The more you play, the more commercials you will have to see, and therefore, the more profit its developers make. And little by little they reduce your rewards to such an extent that getting $500 becomes almost impossible. But all effort is in vain, because if you manage to collect $500 they will put absurd requirements on you and in the end you will not pay anything.

If you have any opinion about the article or the application, do not hesitate to tell us. Also do not forget to recommend us an app, in case you want to do so. We will give you a full review and do our research as soon as possible.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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