Knife Battle: Blade Master – Does It Pay? Is It A Junk App?

Knife Battle: Blade Master – Does it really work?

You may be wondering if it is possible to earn money on Paypal with Knife Battle: Blade Master after seeing one of its ads, luckily you came to the right place, I will tell you everything you need to know about the app. If you want to know all the information, I invite you to read until the end, there you will have all the answers.

Before continuing, I invite you to review our other articles, in them you will find the names of articles about other applications that also offer money. We, like you, are users and we know how annoying it is to find a junk app, which is why we seek to help you. Our intention is to inform users, in no way do we seek to promote or promote any of the applications we talk about. We will always tell you the truth.

Also, if this application does not convince you, it doesn’t matter, at the bottom of the article you can find the names of some lists that bring together apps that do pay, check them out. Each of the lists has different applications and they are all proven, they can help you. But hey, let’s see if it is possible to earn money on PayPal with Knife Battle: Blade Master or is it just another lie.

What is Knife Battle: Blade Master?

Knife Battle: Blade Master is a simple but addictive game, in which you will have to throw some knives at a circle that is constantly rotating and once all the knives have been thrown and deposited correctly, you win. Of course, this game has been copied multiple times and you can always get a better version, with better graphics and perhaps better tasks, but here what is most striking is the money it promises to users.

In case you’re wondering, the app was created by Higame Global Ltd, a studio that has 24 other publications so far. I really don’t know if another of their applications is promoted as a way to make money from your cell phone, so I will focus only on Knife Battle: Blade Master and everything I have seen in each of their ads. Offering money is easy, but fulfilling the payment seems to be quite a challenge for creators. We’ll see which category this app belongs to.

I also leave you with the advice that I always give: when you see an application that offers money, it is best to review the information available on the web, so you will know what to expect. Asking yourself if it is possible to earn money from Paypal with Knife Battle: Blade Master or if it is just a scam was a success and you should do it with any app.

Knife Battle: Blade Master app

Installation and registration in Knife Battle: Blade Master:

Finding this application is simple, although it can be confused with others because it has a name that can be considered common. Before installing it, I recommend that you also check the name of the studio that created it and make sure you install the correct one. If you can’t find it, it may be because it is not available in your country.

For registration it is not necessary to carry out any type of registration. Your data will be safe, it will never be requested.

Download Knife Battle: Blade Master

How does it work?

When you enter Knife Battle: Blade Master you will see a fairly simple menu in which a few boxes with account settings and the “Play” button stand out. Since it is a game of this type, there is no help, you just have to make sure that no knife falls on top of another and complete all the throws. As you progress through the game you will encounter greater difficulty, but it will be nothing to worry about.

To start playing you just have to press the “Play” button and then the screen so that one of the daggers is thrown. Keep in mind that in each level you will have a different number of daggers and that you should always throw them all, you just have to worry about them not falling on top of another one that is already placed. Some levels will add obstacles or coins and it will be your objective to avoid them or get them. You will also have some bonuses in which you can get a good extra income.

Your reward is automatically added to your balance, you can see this in the box that appears at the top. As always, you will find some ads that will help you get extra coins, but that is just a waste of time.

Download Knife Battle: Blade Master


Although the application appears in several advertisements as an application to earn money, the truth is that this is so. No matter how much you play, you will never get a payment method or withdrawal millet . It’s all a trick to get you to install the game and see ads.

Knife Battle: Blade Master app

Does Knife Battle: Blade Master pay?

Definitely not, Knife Battle: Blade Master does not pay, it is just one of the many junk applications that you can find in the Play Store. This game may be addictive for some, but to tell the truth, I believe that there are better versions, with better graphics and that do not contain as many ads, look for them. Now, if what you want is to make money, it is definitely not a game for you, you should look for other options.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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