Moneywalk Step Counter&Rewards – Scam Or Real?

Moneywalk Step Counter&Rewards – Does every step make you money?

If you are wondering if Moneywalk Step Counter&Rewards really pays after seeing one of its ads, you have just come to the right place, I will tell you everything you need to know about the application. Remember to read until the end to find out everything.

Before continuing, I clarify that for this article I will base it solely on my opinion, the blog has no relationship with the app or the studio that published it. We are an independent site. Like you, we are looking for some applications that really pay and we know how annoying it is to find junk apps, which is why we are looking to help you. We will never lie to you about any result, no matter if it is positive or negative. You will always have the truth.

On the other hand, in our searches we have found some applications that pay and are worth it, they are in lists to make it easier for you to find them. Below I leave their names, check them out. Each of the applications has an article so you can learn more about each one and know how to use them. But hey, let’s see if Moneywalk Step Counter&Rewards really pays.

What is Moneywalk Step Counter&Rewards?

Moneywalk Step Counter&Rewards is one of the many applications that promises you various rewards in exchange for walking. This promise has been popular for several years and after all, the users are to blame since we all want to generate some extra income with a task that we do daily, sadly this has been taken advantage of by some creators to lie. What’s more, today it is more difficult to find a real app in this niche than in any other.

In case you’re wondering, this app was created by Gravity Ltd, a studio that apparently doesn’t have much experience publishing apps. Reviewing his profile I could see that it is a relatively old project (2022), yet so far he has not published any other app and does not allow commenting on his only public project. Of course this is quite suspicious and more so due to the fact that there is no type of information found on the web regarding the app or the company.

My experience with applications that supposedly pay for walking has not been very good because most of them have been scams, but I still expected something good from this one. Asking yourself if Moneywalk Step Counter&Rewards really pays was a good idea and you should always do it.

Moneywalk Step Counter&Rewards app

Installation and registration in Moneywalk Step Counter&Rewards:

Finding the application can be a bit complicated because it has a common name, so I recommend that before installing the app you also check the name of the studio that created it and make sure you install the correct one. If it does not give you the option to install or you cannot find it, it may be due to compatibility problems with your cell phone.

To enter, it is not necessary to register or give your personal data such as step or height, you just have to accept the terms and conditions.

Download Moneywalk Step Counter&Rewards

How does it work?

Once you enter Moneywalk Step Counter&Rewards they will give you a short tour of the application so you know where the most important things are. Once you finish the tour you just have to accept permission to track your physical activity so that your steps start counting and you can earn money. If you do not accept these permissions you will not receive money, so if you do not feel comfortable with them, it is best to look for other options.

Your goal will vary each day and generally goes up each time you surpass a daily goal. As always, it is best to leave the application in the background so that you can get enough steps each day. Additionally, like other apps of its type, you can trick it by moving your cell phone from side to side so that it tells you extra steps, although that is your decision. You will also have some tasks to get some extra coins, but they all redirect you to ads.

Your reward is automatically added to your balance, you can see this at the top of the screen. As always, you will have ads that supposedly multiply your earnings, but this is just a lie.

Download Moneywalk Step Counter&Rewards


You can request your payment through gift cards such as Amazon, Starbucks, Krispy Kreme , etc. The minimum payment is the same in all options and is nothing more and nothing less than $5 dollars , a quite realistic figure but sadly it is only a deception.

Moneywalk Step Counter&Rewards app

Does Moneywalk Step Counter&Rewards pay?

The truth is that no, Moneywalk Step Counter&Rewards does not pay, it is just one of the many fake applications that exist in the Play Store. Perhaps the app can help you if you are looking to monitor your physical activity in some way, but there is no way you can earn money with it. Of course, the app is generating income, but it is all directed to its creator. No user will benefit.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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