Lucky Battery, Earn Money Charging Your Phone? [Review]

Lucky Battery, do you really make money?

I recently came across an ad for an app to earn money by charging your cell phone, its name is Lucky Battery. This surprised me a bit, since there aren’t that many apps with that premise. Of course, I have previously come across others of this style and they ended up being garbage. Still, I decided to give it a try, as it’s in huge growth with hundreds of thousands of downloads. I didn’t trust the app very much, but I must put it to the test before I make a prejudice. As in all the articles of apps that do pay, this will be another article made with the greatest possible honesty.

In any case, at the end of the article you will have several lists of apps that do pay, in case this does not work. You will have a good number of applications that you can install on your device. You can decide which one will be the best or the most convenient for you.

It should be said that this article is made based on my experience and that of other users with the application. Apart from my experience, I also collected various data by doing research, so I based on that as well. If at any time you doubt the veracity of what is written in this article, I invite you to try the application. If you come to have any experience, good or bad, you can leave it to me in the comments.

What is Lucky Battery?

Lucky Battery is an application to earn money launched by Snows Studio and today it has more than 100 thousand downloads. It has been an application that has grown rapidly due to the amount of advertising they have paid for. And it is that, I discovered them through an advertisement, that led me to download the application. Just as I discovered the application through this medium, I bet thousands of other people too.

But it must be said that the popularity of an application does not make it an app that does pay. We must deeply analyze all its operation, for this we will carry out the test. I hope that the announcement does not affect the application itself, since it is painted as an option to earn a lot of money. As we all know, these apps that are promoted in this way end up being the least compliant. Anyway, it’s not my job to judge ahead of time.

Installation and registration in Lucky Battery:

The installation of this application is quite simple, we just have to do a search in the PlayStore. After that we will have to click on the corresponding application and click on install. The download and installation will be done automatically.

The application does not require any registration, so we do not have to worry about entering any data. Still, this is worrisome, as no registration means no support. Apart from this, we will not have the option to save everything we have achieved either. In case of losing the phone or the application data, there would be no choice but to start over. Since our achievements, rewards and others will go to nothing.

How does it work?

The operation of the application is one of the simplest I have seen. It is simply an application that analyzes our battery. Supposedly it pays us to leave our cell phone charging, but the truth is different. In the application they will be constantly showing us ads, which generates income for the developers. In the most common cases, this income is taken out to reward players.

We can obtain rewards with certain achievements or challenges that are proposed to us. For example; Leave your cell phone charging for 10 minutes. It is one of the examples that I can give, since there are many daily tasks. We can also win coins in the Lucky Wheel, the Draw and the Lucky Shake. Each one with its own range of rewards to grant.

You can earn extra bonuses in these last options. I’ll give you the example of the lucky wheel: You can get bonus chests by spinning the wheel certain times. Apart from this, we will also have a daily bonus for opening the app. They are good ways to generate income without doing anything. Just open the app and they will be giving you coins for free.


To make payments, we will be asked to fill out a form where we must place our name and PayPal account. According to the rules, if we put any wrong data, they are not responsible for what may happen with the money. They clearly state that refunds cannot be possible and that you will lose your money.

They also make it clear to us that withdrawals will be made effective within 5 business days of having withdrawn.

Conclusion of Lucky Battery

Lucky Battery is a useless app. As an application it does not work, since it constantly has Bugs or failures. It is poorly optimized, that is, it is very slow regardless of which cell phone you are using it on. As an application to earn money it is a disaster. They do not pay what they promise and many users have complained that their data is distorted. That is, taking advantage of the first withdrawal rule “Invalid Data”. They distort the user’s mail on purpose so that the payment never arrives. As much as you put the correct data, they will not send it to you.

If you have any opinion about the article or the application I would very much like to know it. If you have an application that you want me to review, leave it to me in the comments. I will make one for you as soon as possible.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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