Wonder Scanner, Do You Earn By Scanning QR Codes? [Review]

Wonder Scanner, does it really work?

Wonder Scanner is advertised as a pay-to-exercise app, a very tempting offer. It offers all young gamers a chance to win currency from their favorite games. And it is not that they offer small or reasonable rewards, here we are talking about hundreds of dollars. Now, we have reviewed many apps that offer to earn money in this way, unfortunately they did not turn out to be true. That is why I decided to review this application, since the premise is very interesting.

In this article you will know everything about this application and we will discover if it is a legitimate application or not. In any case, I will leave you some lists of applications that do pay, verified by me. and In case this app is not true or if it is not for you, you can choose one of the ones on the list. You can start with the one that best suits what you are looking for or the one that seems best to you.

The article is made in order to inform all people interested in the application. Everything I will say is based on my experience, that of other users and the research carried out. If at any time you doubt the veracity of the article, I invite you to try the application for yourself. Leave us a comment with the experience you have in case you try it.

What is WonderScanner?

Wonder Scanner is an application to earn money launched by QIANGSHAO on November 1, 2022. Just 15 days after it was launched, it reached 50 thousand downloads and continued to grow constantly. Today it has more than 500 thousand downloads, but without any public opinion. This is because it is an application in early access, that is, “Still in development”. It’s actually, in most cases, a lie from the developers in order not to receive reviews. This is either because they can’t stand them, or outright, they don’t want other users to know how the application works.

Another thing that can be said is that the advertisement deceived us by telling us that it is an app to earn money for exercising. As the name says and the images in the PlayStore indicate, it is an app to earn money by scanning codes. We will also have the option to earn money just by playing, but I don’t know which one has the most potential. But without a doubt, both are very simple ways to earn money or virtual currencies.

The mere fact of offering this type of video game currency was what led to its having many downloads. I honestly feel that Wonder Scanner is not an app that would shine on its own, since as an app it is very poor. But what was very clear to him is that advertising had to be the best of the best, and they did it. Without that advertising, there wouldn’t be people who, like me, have downloaded the app to find out if it pays or not.

Installation and registration in Wonder Scanner:

To install this application, we simply go to the Google PlayStore and search for it by name. Like any popular application, it will appear first, now we simply have to download and install it. This last process will be done automatically.

The application does not have any registration, so you do not have to worry about entering your personal information. But this has a big disadvantage, and that is that your progress will not be saved. When it comes to losing the application or your cell phone, you will lose all the prizes and data you have in it. This seems very irresponsible to me on the part of its developers, if they cared about their users, they would have made a registration form.

How does it work?

We will be able to generate income in two different ways, the first is with the scanner and the second with the games. First, I will explain how the scanner works. This scanner can be a QR or barcode scanner. Of course, for this we will use the camera of our cell phone. For this we will have to authorize the application so that it can use the camera. Once you understand this, you can point your camera at a product that has barcodes or a QR code. Wonder Scanner will activate a reward once it has identified the code. Once you have your reward you must receive it, for this you must press the obtain button and see a 30-second ad.

The other option is to play, which is very simple since it works just like Cash Cow or similar. We will have a page called “Play” in which you will have some applications that you can try. Which, by the way, you should be careful with the top banner, since many people confuse it and it tends to click. This banner is an advertising banner, so every time people touch it, the developers will earn money. To access the games, worth the redundancy, you must access the “game” tab at the top. You will have a whole list of games available that will reward you.

Finally, we will have the Lucky JackPot, in which you can obtain Skins and avatars for your favorite games. We will obtain these by opening mysterious boxes that we will unlock every two ads.


Payments can only be withdrawn when you have accumulated enough points within the app. Among the games in which we can withdraw money are: Roblox, Free Fire, Brawl Stars, Mobile Legends, Genshin Impact, PUBG. All being very popular games in the multiplayer field, and of which, the coins have a real value.

The withdrawal is depending on the game currency, for example: we can exchange 5,000 points for 10,000 Robux, or 100,000 diamonds for 15,000 Robux. It all depends on the currency you want to withdraw.

Wonder Scanner Conclusion

Unfortunately Wonder Scanner is an application that does not pay its users. Everything they offer in their ads is totally false. That is to say, they have made a reputation based on lies. Its downloads have skyrocketed thanks to the good marketing work, but not because of the quality of the product. You have to be very careful with everything you download, as they can turn out to be disgusting apps like this one. I have nothing left to say about this application, it really is an app that is not worth seeing.

If you have any opinion about the application or about the article, do not hesitate to leave it to us. If, on the other hand, you have an application that you want to recommend to me, I will gladly review it as soon as possible. You know, leave everything in the comments.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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