Macadam – Walk And Earn Review: the app that pays you to walk

Macadam – Walk And Earn is a pay-as-you-walk application. It aims to motivate its users to walk more thanks to a reward system. By promoting the practice of walking instead of riding a car, motorcycle, electric bike or scooter, Macadam also has a positive impact on the environment. By using this app you will achieve your goal of earning money by getting fit. Users can exchange their steps for virtual coins, which when they reach a certain number can be exchanged for dollars.
Macadam is a pedometer that invites users to walk by converting their steps into real cash rewards. As you walk, the app tracks your steps and converts them into virtual coins, which you then redeem for cash.

Macadam – Walk And Earn: is it legit?

Macadam – Walk And Earn is a completely legitimate app that pays you to walk. Macadam is compatible with connected watches and uses your phone’s step counter via Google Fit to track every step you take, every calorie you burn and every meter you walk.
The app is not affiliated with any other walk-to-win app. The app is a unique entity, dedicated to rewarding the user’s physical activity.

What is Macadam – Walk And Earn?

Macadam – Walk And Earn is a fitness app that pays you for walking. The app was created by the developer MacadamApp, it contains ads and is suitable for all ages.
To download Macadam – Walk And Earn on your cell phone you must go to Google Play Store and search for it by name and you will find it right away. If you do not find it is because it is not compatible with your device. To access the app you can do it through Gmail, Facebook or an email. Once the app is installed you can start walking to receive rewards.

How does it work?

When you enter Macadam-Walk and Earn the interface of the application is really simple, on the main screen you can see the steps counter, kilometers and calories burned depending on how far you walk.
In the main menu there are three icons, the one of a house that indicates the Home or main screen, a cup where we can see the available and completed Challenges and a people icon where you can see the ranking of your friends and the community.
The application connects to the step counter of your cell phone through Apple Healt or Google Android, thanks to GPS. Macadam rewards you with Coins every time you start walking or running. You can exchange those coins for real money through a bank transfer.
The main way to get coins in Macadam app is walking and running. Note that running also counts steps and is a healthy way to generate income. However you can also earn more coins in the following ways: challenges, surveys, watching videos and through a referral system where you earn money for bringing friends to this app.

How do you get paid?

When it comes to getting paid, Macadam-Walk and Earn pays by PayPal Bank Transfer from 30 000 coins, equivalent to 20 dollars. You may not like this option or you may expect gift cards to spend in stores but for our taste, the best option is to receive the money in our bank.

Payments are usually very fast and arrive in a few days. First you will have to set up your payment method by filling in your bank account details and then you will be able to request a payment as long as you have the coins available.

Conclusion of Macadam-Walk and Earn

Macadam – Walk And Earn is a pay-as-you-walk app worth using in your spare time to generate income while getting fit. The key is that you use it every day so that your earnings increase steadily throughout the month.

If you want to try other legitimate apps besides Macadam – Walk And Earn you should explore AppsPayingMe. This website has a long list of apps that are paying and can generate you extra income every month. You will find reviews about fake apps that you have to avoid. Choose a legitimate app that you like and monetize your free time while being entertained.



Macadam – Walk And Earn is currently paying.

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  1. After using the app for over 2 weeks it suddenly required me to sign in again but I had forgotten the password. How do I reset it when there’s no option for this on the page?

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