Painting puzzle : Jigsaw game Review: real or fake?

Painting puzzle : Jigsaw game is an app that is promoted on the internet as an app that pays for painting puzzles, which is a very original proposal in the app market. However, the reality is the opposite of the advertising campaign of this app, since it will not pay you for painting puzzles or for any other activity. The app features several gimmicks to keep users as long as possible, exposing them to the display of ads.
The following review will disprove everything the Painting puzzle : Jigsaw game advertising campaign says. Read it to the end and learn all the details to avoid this scam app.

Painting puzzle: Jigsaw game: is it legit?

Painting puzzle : Jigsaw game is not a legitimate app as it does not pay what it claims and uses fraudulent advertising to become famous online. The app takes advantage of people’s desire to make easy and quick money. The app has a good rating on Google Play Store , but you should know that these are fake reviews paid by the developer company to make the app project a positive image.

The app constantly displays ads and the platform offers you to pay to have an ad-free account. The app gives you the option to make in-app purchases, which are paid for with real money. Do not make in-app purchases.

What is Painting puzzle : Jigsaw game?

Painting puzzle : Jigsaw game is a Puzzle game to earn money. The app is presented as an app that pays for coloring, but once you are inside the platform you will realize that it is not. The app has until today thousands of downloads thanks to an intense advertising campaign that has led users to download it, because they believe it will pay them to paint, but that never materializes.
To download Painting puzzle : Jigsaw game just go to Google Play Store and search for it by name, you will find it right away. To enter the app you don’t need any registration, you can start playing directly.
This is a negative aspect of the app, because the platform does not guarantee sufficient security and privacy.

How to play?

Painting puzzle : Jigsaw game works easily and contrary to what its advertising campaign says, you don’t have to paint anything. The platform will give you a canvas on which you will have to position the figures at the bottom of the screen. Your job as a player will be to place figure by figure in the correct position on the canvas and complete the drawing. The task is very similar to putting together a puzzle with pieces of different sizes and shapes. It should be noted that each game will consume 3 energy (about 30) which will make the games somewhat limited.

At the end of each game the app gives a reward of coins or diamonds, which will then serve to buy in the store. Another way to earn coins is with the wheel of luck, which can be rotated a total of 20 times a day. There you can get a maximum of 20 coins, 3 energies, 5 diamonds and 1 clue per spin. After each spin you will have to wait 20 seconds before making another spin.

The platform offers daily tasks, where you have to fulfill missions to earn coins. These tasks can be for example; “Spin the wheel 12 times and you get 15 coins”. Finally, the app rewards you for checking in daily, the platform will reward you for each day you log in to the app.


When you want to collect your winnings in Painting puzzle : Jigsaw game you will discover that they are fictitious and that the app does not pay to play. Painting puzzle : Jigsaw game may be entertaining, but it is not useful to earn money.

Conclusion of Painting puzzle : Jigsaw game

Painting puzzle : Jigsaw game does not pay because it is one of the many fake apps inside Google Play Store.
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Painting puzzle : Jigsaw game does not pay.

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  1. Hello mam/sir…I played several days on this game and paid thru gcash if you collected coins reaching the rules…I have a question only please? What is the meaning of the diamond on this game? Thank you for reply…

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