Make Money & GiftCard – Boints, How Legit Is It? [Review]

Make Money & GiftCard – Boints, Does it really pay?

Lately I have seen  Make Money & GiftCard – Boints , a  free earning app  that is presented in various places as a  paid app . It seems to be somewhat true and certainly has some support, as several users have reported that their payments arrive in full. Of course, there are also some errors, but I will talk about these later.

The app was created by a studio that we haven’t reviewed before, but apparently they do create  legitimate free money earning apps  . Stay until the end if you want to find out everything and know if beyond being an  app that if you pay  is a good option or there are some better ones. Do not forget that we will always be honest with you, since we are users just like you.

Also, if you stay until the end you will be able to find some lists that gather  apps that do pay  and in which there are all kinds of applications, with all kinds of tasks and  applications to earn  all kinds of free money, from apps that pay you to play, even apps that pay you for micro tasks. Review them, surely there you will find a good ally to start  generating extra income .

What is Make Money & GiftCard – Boints?

Make Money & GiftCard – Boints is a kind of app that brings us a bunch of games for which Make Money acts as an intermediary. The interface will be identical to many others and the games are quite common and maybe if you have already tried an application similar to this one, you have seen them before because they all seem to show the same.

Make Money Play Games for Rewards (studio that created it), has only published one more app so far, it’s just that it’s not clear to me if it’s an app to earn free money or just another app for entertainment. It seems that at least the application we are talking about today is an app that does pay, or at least it was until a while ago because it seems that it is currently in crisis. Various bugs have made it not possible for any user to withdraw their winnings or for some accounts, their winnings simply disappear.

I find it unfortunate that an app that does pay ends up like this, although until recently it seemed to continue paying. Another point is that some users find it impossible to register and sometimes the app doesn’t even open. Personally I was able to register, but little else.

Make Money & GiftCard – Boints

Installation and registration in Make Money & GiftCard Boints:

I won’t lie to you, the app is a bit hard to find because it contains several words that are quite common and this can cause some results to appear sooner than necessary. To avoid this you can check the name of the study, if it matches the one I told you, then install it calmly.

Once inside, a registration will be necessary, this is done through a Google account or an email and a password. If you choose the latter, do not forget to verify the email so that your account can be activated.

Make Money & GiftCard – Boints

How does it work?

The operation of Make Money & GiftCard – Boints is only based on trying some applications and games that you have surely seen in the offer panels of other apps. This is because many times companies simply choose to look for a different method of marketing, since the ads are not always as effective as required. Then come the contracts with apps like Make Money, there a part of the money is given to the company so that it can maintain itself and another part is delivered to the users.

You can choose the game you want, I only recommend that you see what the goal is before you download each one. Many times it is necessary for you to reach a level or complete a series of tasks that, although possible, require you to invest a lot of time there. Also make sure that it is the first time that you enter the app that you install, since it is only available to new users. If you are not a new user, then you cannot get the promised reward.

Another thing that you must take into account is that you must give the monitoring permissions so that it is possible to monitor your activity and in this way, calculate your earnings and that they are delivered on time. If you do not accept the permissions, you may not receive your reward.


Payments can be requested through gift cards and PayPal, although personally I always recommend PayPal due to the freedom you will have to manage your money. The minimum withdrawal will depend on each of the options, although they are not that high and you may reach that minimum in a little less than a month.

Conclusion of Make Money & GiftCard – Boints:

Well, now the most important thing is this point and I must tell you that unfortunately although it was once a legitimate application to earn free money, it is no longer so. Now it seems to be just another junk app in the Play Store and this is unfortunate, but a very possible option so we are always updating about each of the reviews on the blog. But hey, we do not deviate from the point. Make Money & GiftCard Boints is currently a non-paying app and it’s best to go your way.

Do not worry about this, here you can read something that will help you, it is about lists that contain apps that do pay. To access these lists, you just have to type the following names in the menu search engine or the one that seems to you on the right side of the article: “25 Best Apps To Earn Money”, “Best applications to earn extra money 2023”, “Five applications that help you earn extra money”, “Applications to earn free cryptocurrencies” and “Applications to earn money online 2023”.

Below you will also have a link to access the most extensive list of all, there are always good applications there and they are all verified. Each of the applications in these lists has an article in which you can consult the necessary information to start using the application and get the most out of it.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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