Watch Video – Daily Earn Money, Is´t Legitimate And Does It Pay

Watch video – daily earn money, does it pay or is it a scam?

Possibly Watch video – daily earn money is one of the most curious applications to earn money watching videos that I have found. Of course, it is presented as an app that does pay and of course it will be tested, since there are many mixed comments about it and it is always better to be sure before trusting and downloading anything to your cell phone.

If you want, if it really is an application to earn money by watching videos, do not hesitate to read until the end of the article. There, in addition to finding the answer to this, you will also find the names of some lists that have apps that do pay and are verified. All the applications there have articles where you can find the information, this blog is constantly updated, so if they stop paying you will be notified, the same when we find a junk application.

Not being more, we are going to see how legitimate Watch Video is, an application to earn money watching videos that is quite curious and even offers us other types of services that can help us in our finances. It seems that it has everything necessary to help us and become anyone’s favorite, but if you look closely, you can find some errors and things that seem somewhat objectionable to me.

What is Watch video – daily earn money

This is an application to earn money by watching videos, something that is very interesting due to the simplicity and normality of the task. In fact, I could say that all of us here are consumers of platforms like YouTube or TikTok, so what better than getting paid to watch videos. The point is that Watch video – daily earn money, although it is presented as an app that if you pay, hardly reaches that point and is more of a method to generate earnings for the creator.

As soon as you enter Watch Video you will be bombarded with advertising, ad after ad that does not allow to be closed and that will last for a long time. This is something common for studios that create junk apps and right now it’s exactly what App Studio Brain Red, the studio that created and manages it, is doing.

Personally, I have reviewed many applications to know almost from the beginning what to expect, there have been few apps that have surprised me. With this I just want to get to the point that one of the first things that puts me on alert is that they have excessive advertising, integrated purchases (luckily this one doesn’t have it), or VIP accounts. When you see something like that, run away.}

Watch Video – Daily Earn Money

Installation and registration in Watch video – daily earn money:

It may be a bit difficult to find, but you can always search for it from the web so that it will give you the result of the Play Store. If you can’t find it, I recommend that you leave it like that, since APKs are not usually very reliable and could contain a virus.

To register, you will need an email and a password, although registration is not mandatory and you can do it once you have explored the app.

Watch Video – Daily Earn Money

How does it work?

I think that perhaps you have already given an idea of ​​what Watch video – daily earn money is about, after all, there is little to imagine when I present it to you as an application to earn money by watching videos. Despite this, I can tell you that there are certainly a couple more activities to do and earn money. Plus they won’t be difficult at all.

Once you enter you will have the different options in the main tab that include from watching videos, to playing some internal games or enrolling in a raffle that promises a more than good prize. If you choose the videos, you should be aware that you will only see some shorts that were probably taken from YouTube and that, to be honest, they are quite mediocre.

On the other hand, the two remaining options can be an excellent option, especially the games, since the draw seems somewhat risky to me. If you select the games you should be aware that you will see ad after ad and nothing else, you will hardly be able to play.


Payments can be requested through your Paypal or PayTm account, although if you are a follower of the blog you will surely already know which one I am going to recommend. This is your decision anyway, just make sure you write the email correctly when requesting your payment and this applies to any withdrawal you are going to make in any application to earn money.

The minimum withdrawal is the same in both options, it is about $10 dollars for which about 4 million “Coins” are necessary or coins that, to tell the truth, is almost impossible to obtain. Besides, there are also other amounts that you can withdraw, but surely you have already realized that it is almost impossible.

Conclusion of Watch video – daily earn money:

Sorry to disappoint you if you were waiting for it to actually work, sadly it is not. It’s just another junk app that you can’t trust, so it’s best to go straight when you see it and look for a legitimate app. Watch video – Daily Earn money is an app that does not pay, so it is best not to install it or delete it if you already have it on your cell phone. It’s useless.

If you want apps that do pay, you can try the different applications to earn money that we have found on the blog, with them you can form a good source of extra income. All the applications are verified and have articles that contain more information. Also below is the link to the most extensive list of all, there you will surely find one that is to your liking.

To access them, you only need to look for the following names in the blog menu: “Five applications that help you earn extra money”, “25 Best Apps To Earn Money”, “Best applications to earn extra money 2023″, ” Applications to earn free cryptocurrencies” and “Applications to earn money online 2023”. Do not hesitate to leave any doubt or suggestion in the comments.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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