Fetch: Have Fun, Save Money, Are You Paying? [Review]

Fetch: Have fun, Save Money, legit or scam?

Honestly Fetch: Have fun, Save Money looks like a  pretty cool app to make money online  , it’s a Cashback offer and it seems to really work. This of course is another application that presents itself as an  app that does pay , or at least it is part of what it implies in its ads in which it promises a very interesting Cashback rate.

If you want to know the whole truth about this app and know if it is really an  app that you pay for  or one of the  junk applications , do not hesitate to read until the end and understand how to use it. Besides, at the end of the article you will have some lists that gather  apps that do pay  and in which of course there are  applications to earn money online .

Not being more let’s start with this review which will be sincere, since we have nothing to do with any study or application, in the end we are only users like you. We do not promote anyone and we do not have an agreement with anyone. If an application is a  junk app  I will tell you, the same if it is an  app that does pay . Let’s just hope that this time we have found an application to earn money online that is legitimate.

What is Fetch: Have fun, Save Money?

It seems that this is a  very particular application to earn money online  , since you will have to share some products and receive a part of  Cash  Back  for each one of them. Fetch: Have fun, Save Money  is a somewhat curious app and to tell the truth, if it becomes an  app that does pay, it can become one of anyone’s favorites. I think that at this time, without a doubt, you may have made a purchase through a search engine and well, this is what we will do here. This is possible because some companies form alliances with this type of apps and this allows them to promote their products or do market research, which leaves the app with a profit margin that can be distributed among users.

The app was created by  Fetch Rewards  in case you’re wondering, a studio that hasn’t released any other apps so far and seems uninterested in it. The study does not have any recognition by the general public and it is not possible to find any review about this company. In fact, sometimes it is not possible to enter the study profile, which leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth, since it should be possible to see it. Especially if it is the developer of an app that does pay .

On the part of the study, there is not much that can be known and about the app, you can only know what is seen in its ads, when it is promoted as an  application to earn money online  and that’s it. Regarding the comments, it can be seen that most of the users seem to be comfortable with the app, but this remains to be seen.

Fetch: Have Fun, Save Money

Installation and registration in Fetch: Have fun, Know Money:

Depending on your country of residence, you will have more or less options to find it because it is not available for the entire continent. In fact it seems that it is only available for North America, so it may not appear in your results. Even if you can’t find it, it’s best to look for another app, since it’s not known how secure the APK found on the web can be.

For your registration you need an email, a password and some more information such as your country of residence and a telephone number. Also do not forget to verify the email once you enter.

Fetch: Have Fun, Save Money

How does it work?

Well, within Fetch: Have fun, Save Money there will be a large number of offers available from different brands and products. Within the app you will have a huge number of products from which you can browse and choose the one you need at that moment and the one you like. You can see each one or search for the one that is necessary for you at that moment. There is everything from food to clothing brands and electronic devices that offer you a pretty good Cashback to consider.

Once you choose the product you will be able to access a kind of link that the app itself gives you and in which you are sent directly to the page to make your purchase. The promotion works only if you do it through this link. After this, you just have to make your purchase as normal and wait for Fetch to register it so that it can be charged to your account. Before each purchase you can always see the amount of money you will receive back, so you can get an idea beforehand.

The reward or ” Cashback ” varies depending on the product, so it is not possible to give an estimate of how much money you can earn. The best thing is that you keep your accounts, something you can do from the rewards control .


You can request your payments through gift cards of various brands. There are several available and you just have to see if it is present in your territory or not, that way you can choose what they need most at that moment.

The minimum withdrawal varies depending on the gift card, since apparently the companies have not agreed on this. Still, most will be fairly easy to reach and the larger your purchase , the easier it will be to reach this minimum.

Conclusion of Fetch: Have fun, Save Money:

It honestly looks like it’s a legit online money making app , only so far it’s only available for northern countries and they don’t seem very interested in expanding this service further south. The same can also become a bit dangerous if you do not want to give your personal card number or this data close to your finances, so on this side you can consider it and better look for other options that allow you to earn money through apps, but through other media. Fetch: Have fun, Save Money is an app that does pay, but it doesn’t seem so recommendable to me.

If you really want to find other  apps that do pay  you can do it by searching our lists, it’s much better than searching the  Play Store . To access these lists, you only need to enter the following names:  “Applications to earn free cryptocurrencies” ,  “Five applications that help you earn extra money” ,  “25 Best Apps To Earn Money” ,  “Best applications to earn extra money 2023”  and  “Applications to earn money online 2023” .

I also invite you to first look for information before installing any application and in this way you know what awaits you. If you can’t find the app you’re looking for, then just put its name in the comments and we’ll review it as fast as possible. Also do not forget that you can leave any questions or suggestions in the comments.



If you want to use the application and verify that this information is true, I will leave you the download link below:

Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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