Lucky Money: Play And Win, Can You Win Money Playing?

Lucky Money: Play and Win, Scam or legit?

This time I bring you a somewhat popular application, it is Lucky Money: Play and Win, an application to earn money online that promises to give you a reward of hundreds of dollars a month and, of course, promises to be an app that does pay. The promise is nothing new, but I think it is important to review it, since many times it ends up being a lie.

Stay until the end if you want to understand everything, how it works and how true it is that it is a good source of income or just another rubbish trying to pass off as an application to earn money online. Remember that this blog has nothing to do with any study, so our opinion is not compromised and you can always trust it. You can also leave any questions or concerns in the comments, as well as feel free to review each app for yourself.

Whether this is a working app or not, we will know, just read till the end, there will be some lists with apps to make money online that are legit and proven. Do not hesitate to review them and choose the one you like the most, they all have an article in which I give you more details and explain how they work. In addition, there is a great variety there, you can choose the tasks that you like the most and surely there is an app that pays you for it.

What is Lucky Money: Play and Win?

Lucky Money: Play and Earn is an app that gives you the ability to explore and find new apps and games, only it seems to promote PUAs just like it does. From afar it appears to be a legitimate app, but the more you check, the more noticeable it becomes. Especially since many of the apps it promotes are already popular and are known to be non-paying.

Besides, it can be said that it is a bit easy to mistrust and judge the app, since it was created by Supercell Mali, a studio that has not published any other project and of which there are no records. It seems that Lucky Money is his first attempt to venture into applications to earn money online and he has done it in a terrible way.

Many times junk applications look exactly the same as an app that you pay for, so it tends to be difficult to distinguish them, so I invite you to always look for information on the web or rather, on this blog. Play Store reviews are often not genuine because they are purchased, but we don’t endorse any app or studio here.

Lucky Money: Play and Win

Installation and registration in Lucky Money: Play and Win:

It is an easy application to find, except that there is an app with a fairly similar name, so you can get confused with it. The best thing to do when installing it is to check the name of the studio that created it, so you can know if it’s the right app or just another generic app.

Once you enter, you will need to register to continue, for this you need an email and a password. You can also sign in with a Google account.

Lucky Money: Play and Win

How does it work?

How Lucky Money: Play and Win works is similar to that of many other applications that we have seen here, surely when I explain it a little more you will notice it. At the moment I can only tell you that its interface is simple and you can also find all the offers in a single tab, almost similar to all the applications to earn money, only here is something that is not quite convincing.

When you enter and register you can see that all the available offers are in the main tab, which I hope several will be enabled for you because in my case it was not like that, I only had one option. You can browse through the different options on the list until you find the one you like best. Also as you go down you can see that each one has an explanation of what to do and how much they will pay you, or how much your reward per minute will be.

On many occasions you will find repeated applications that you have probably already seen in other apps, this will happen frequently if you are looking for an application to earn money. Most seem to have an agreement with the same companies, so you can’t expect much variety, and this will also limit our profit margin a bit. For Lucky Money: Play and Win to be able to calculate your reward, you need to give it access to what it asks for. The coins will be credited within 24 hours.


You can request your payment through PayPal or a gift card, although these have a different minimum withdrawal and it is certainly recommended that you do it through PayPal, since this guarantees you a little more freedom when it comes to taking your money.

As for the minimum withdrawal, I can tell you that as for PayPal it is $10 dollars, while for Amazon this minimum withdrawal is about $20 dollars. Of course, it is much easier to reach $10 dollars, since it is not only lower (obviously) but also the app has this strategy of giving you a higher reward at the beginning and then gradually lowering it until it is almost impossible to reach .

Conclusion of Lucky Money: Play and Win:

I don’t think it’s a trustworthy app and it’s certainly not a legit free money making app. In fact, just thinking that possibly the creator of Lucky Money: Play and Win is taking advantage of the fame and good name that the Syrian web has, makes you see the kind of person behind the project. Personally, I do not recommend it, since it did not work for me and I doubt it will work for you. Still feel free to try it. For now I’m just telling you that Media Rewards: Paid Surveys is not an app that pays, as it promises in its ads.

But don’t worry, don’t be discouraged because this application doesn’t work and because it seems that they are all lies, in this blog we have been lucky and we have found some apps that do pay. All the apps that do pay and that I’m talking about are on lists that you can find if you enter from the menu and search for their names. All the apps are verified and all have an article in which I detail all the information in a better way.

To access these lists, you just have to go to the menu and look for the following names: “25 Best Apps To Earn Money”, “Applications to earn free cryptocurrencies”, “Five applications that help you earn extra money”, “Best applications to earn extra money 2023” and “Applications to earn money online 2023”. The menu is hidden in the three lines that appear at the top right of the screen.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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