Spur Rewarding Stories – Paid social network? (Review)

Today we will be doing a review, about an app I found, Spur Rewarding Stories, which could mold many teens, since we are in the era of Social Networks, and it is clear, in most young people, we like to upload stories to Instagram in this case, since this app promises to pay you, for doing that, will it be as good as it sounds, watching Videos reviews about this app, many said that it pays you a dollar per story, however we have to know, that most apps do not pay you for doing such simple things, since it would mean a big loss for them.

What is Spur Rewarding Stories?

This application is simply about uploading stories, of your day to day, and precisely receive a cash reward, short or long term, if you are a person who likes to blog everything you do, maybe this is a good option, however personally I do not trust, to give my personal data, in this case log in with my instagram account, in an application of this type, since many times there are people, developers, etc, that uses in this technique, to hack profiles, and do theirs, so if you are going to download something like this, be careful, remember that personal information should be taken with caution.

Installation and registration:

In the installation and registration, there is not so much loses, it is just like all, you only have to search for the app in App Store, since it is only available for iOs, it is number 147 in social networks, has more than 214 ratings, I have to clarify that it is free, it has no cost, and is part of SpurLLC, anyone over 12 years old, can use it.

Continuing with the registration, when you download the application, and it is already finished loading, and you want to enter the app, it will take a little while to load, it will even seem that it will not open, as it takes a little time, however, closing the application and re-entering, the situation is solved in most cases, this can be a bit annoying as it wastes our time, and in my opinion is something the studio should fix, subsequently, it will make you log in with an account, you can choose which one, then, it will make you register your birthday, in most cases, I hope you feel identified with the app, and part of it.

Payments in Spur Rewarding Stories:

Since this app pays, and as I had already explained, it works as a social network, so you will have to gain followers, and follow people, you are supposed to get paid in Kudos, which is more than anything, the currency of the application, and that later you can exchange it for cash, the part a little difficult, is that we can not see how many downloads the application has, so we do not know how many users are inside, and by inertia, if it will be easy or difficult to get followers, and this would present a problem, since our main goal is to earn money.

ย When looking for an app that pays you to play, or to use it, we must be cautious, since 90%, if not more, are usually scams, and often we do not realize, is that we do not give us the time to investigate its veracity, and we must see that this is not just anything, because if we are investing our time, if it is not true, that time will not come back, so better, enter our page, because it is the solution to your problem, in this you can find a list of applications that pay to play.

Conclusion about Spur:

As I assumed, this only serves as a social network, to hang out, maybe meet new people, and upload stories as it is the main objective of the application, however it is very difficult that it is possible to get paid, so you better not get your hopes up.

If you want to know an app that does pay, I invite you to visit our blog, believe me you will get out of many troubles, and waste of time, thank you very much for reading our article, I hope it will be helpful in your search for apps that pay.




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