Make Money: Play & Earn Cash – Legit or Scam? (Review)

Today I will be doing a review about an application called Make Money: Play & Earn Cash, in this blog we do reviews about different Internet applications which promise to pay you to play, use them, invest your time within these, and changed from all this receive a fairly considerable remuneration, the bad thing about all this, is that as I mentioned in different articles, most do not pay, you will only waste your time, so the importance of reading my articles, in this blog, because you will save too much time that could be wasted.

What is Make Money: Play & Earn Cash?

Unlike many other applications, the logistics of this app is that it brings together many games that like this, have the promise in common to pay you to play it, within this application you can find games of chance, puzzle games well known, car racing, etc. also within this you can listen to radio stations, the truth is a very good application if what you want is to have a good time of entertainment, and you do not have to be installing and searching for each application as these of the congregates in a single app.

An important point is that you can also listen to music, and as I mentioned before you can also listen to radio stations. The application has more than 2.78 million reviews, these are visible to the general public anyone who wants to go out can do so without any problem, has more than 10 million downloads, considerably is a very large number, and is suitable for all audiences, the application can download I know only on cell phones, and you can find on Google Play.

Installation and registration in Make Money: Play & Earn Cash:

This application you can download it on your mobile device, it should not be a big problem, to what I must emphasize is that it is last update was considerably long ago, compared to many other applications this type that the truth do not have much maintenance, or at least as often, its last update was March 1, 2023, I hope this is not because of any problem within the operation of the application, or the dissatisfaction of its users, I also have to say that many of the opinions on this platform Google Play are quite positive mostly are opinions are five stars, few give one star, and in second place are the 4 stars.

Payments in Make Money: Play & Earn Cash:

In read very good opinions about the operation of the technical support of the application, which have a good variety of music, etc. however, something that if I found those who have a very big dissatisfaction with a promise of money, as they complain about what in the application is not honest, there is a great dissatisfaction with the waste of time of users, similarly of the surveys that put within the platform do not work, and the challenges they put in the games are quite difficult, impossible to perform.

Another common opinion is that apparently the page, or rather application, your account is blocked when you demand or request the application to collect your money you have earned so far, and that’s pretty bad because it means that it is a dishonest application, besides the app freezes and closes when you want to listen to music, other opinions are that if they pay but they deduct money when you make the deposit, if you ask me, I do not recommend this application.


Sadly, most of the time we come across more apps that don’t pay, than apps that do pay you, why would this happen? And the big answer is that developers prefer to keep all the money, rather than being honest with their users, who are generating that profit for them, at the expense of lies, deception, waste of time, etc. Be careful in which applications you are going to invest hours, minutes, or whatever, because that time will never return, and what better to be careful from the beginning, or read the blog of apps that do pay, you would avoid inconvenience, bad times, anger, etc..

In our blog we tell you which apps to avoid, and which ones are worth investing some time in.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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