VoicePenPal – $500 per day? (Review)

Two things that most people like, making friends, and making money, I dare say VoicePenPal, claims to have both of these two things. In this block we do reviews about apps that claim to be paying, thank you for using their app, answering surveys, playing games, etc.

In this blog we deny the same applications, or recommend them as appropriate, we have a list of applications that do pay, and we have reviews of applications in general, and in the articles at the end of the writing, comes the rating, and if you pay or not.

What is VoicePenPal?

This application appears to be a new Social Network, or attempt at Social Network, has nothing new or anything innovative, however that does not have much to do since it is what really matters to people is that it pays, this app has more than 500,000 downloads, except for all types of audiences of legal age, and failing that also teenagers, a favor is that it has the public opinions, so anyone who wants to see the Reviews, can do so, these are more than 16. 7k reviews, and its last update was a long time ago, to date, more than a year ago and this date is January 14, 2022.

Installation and Registration:

VoicePenPal, has very bad ratings, the only good ones it has are those who surely bought, we can realize this since the second highest rating after the five stars, is one star, these are the repeat when applications buy ratings or reviews from users, I if they can give a good image to people looking to download it, so it is good to always read the reviews, our blog where you can find everything more easily.

Reading the reviews, I can find that a very repetitive idea, is that the application used to have a good performance, even paid and was legitimate, in my opinion the fact that long time ago they do not give maintenance may affect this, many users have the problem that the application closes, stops, etc..

The fact that it is a social network, requires much more maintenance than other applications that promise to pay, which are games, betting, because having so many profiles and activity of active people, this requires much more attention from developers, so that is a great area of opportunity that the application itself should take.

Besides I can also notice in the comments of people who used or use it, is that it does not have a good Internet connection, I do not know if this is a problem of the user, or the application, however in case it is the application, they should also take into account to maintain this.

There are also people who believe that this may be a trap, to make users lose the money they have already collected with the application.

Payments in VoicePenPal:

As I mentioned above, this application does not pay, do not waste your time there are other ways to make money on the Internet, and in our blog you can find the complete list of apps that do pay, this in order to be a little more comfortable your journey, in search of your trusted application to generate money.

As mentioned almost explicitly in its name, it is assumed that, in the best case, payments would be through PayPal, like most applications that promise the same.

Conclusion of VoicePenPal:

My conclusion, similar to most of my articles, is that do not be discouraged as mentioned above we have an application waiting for us, to be able to fill all the money we want, however a very important point that we have to take into account, is that no application will pay you a lot of money for making the minimum effort, so I invite you to visit our blog, so you can read the list of apps that do pay, so you can choose the one that best suits all needs.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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