mCrypto: Play to Earn Crypto Review: real or fake?

mCrypto: Play to Earn Crypto is an app to earn cryptocurrencies by playing, which rewards you for your time, work and dedication. The app offers tasks and surveys for you to do in your free time and earn more money. The platform pays in Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum, among others. The platform also pays in cash through PayPal on some tasks. As you work within this platform, mCrypto intelligently tracks your play time and rewards you with coins for every minute. The intention of mCrypto is to make you earn money for easy tasks and thus familiarize you with the world of cryptocurrencies.
Read the following mCrypto review to the end and find out all the details on how to earn money within this platform.

mCrypto: Play to Earn Crypto: is it legit?

mCrypto: Play to Earn Crypto is a completely legitimate app for earning cryptocurrencies by playing games and performing easy tasks. mCrypto was launched in January this year and already has more than 100,000 downloads worldwide. The app has a high rating on Google Play Store because the platform pays what it sets and generates widespread satisfaction among users who have chosen it to earn money in their free time.

What is mCrypto: Play to Earn Crypto?

mCrypto: Play to Earn Crypto is an app that combines the fun of gaming with the benefits of earning crypto. The platform presents a wide variety of games to earn cryptocurrencies and cash.
With mCrypto proposes to play fun games and earn crypto rewards in the form of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, USDT and BNB.
To download mCrypto: Play to Earn Crypto on your cell phone you must go to Google Play Store and search for it by its name. If you want you can also search for it by its Spanish name “nnnn. If you do not find it is because it is not compatible with your device. To register on the platform you must enter a Gmail address. mCrypto: Play to Earn Crypto will give you a welcome bonus of 1000 coins. Then you will see a dashboard where are all the ways to earn money within the app.

How does it work?

mCrypto: Play to Earn Crypto has multiple ways to earn money: games, surveys, completing offers, among others. The platform has games of various types: puzzles, relaxing combat, among others.
As for the surveys, keep in mind that they will first evaluate your profile and then determine if you continue in the survey. If your profile corresponds to what the survey asks for, you will earn a few coins, which depends on each survey. Remember that if you do not respond to the survey profile, you will not earn coins.
Within the platform there is a wall of offers from other companies, which will propose you different tasks such as visiting pages, reading, emails, watching videos, among others. You should do as many as you can, so you earn more money. Once you finish each task, request your payment immediately so that each company transfers your earnings to mCrypto: Play to Earn Crypto, since this app is the one that will finally pay you.

How to get paid?

mCrypto: Play to Earn Crypto pays immediately from 30 cents. You can choose to get paid in cryptocurrencies or in cash through PayPal, depending on the task you have done, as only some of them pay through Paypal. You can choose to cash out among the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum and Binance. When you want to withdraw your earnings mCrypto: Play to Earn Crypto will ask for your crypto wallet address. Remember that each cryptocurrency must have its own wallet address. If you don’t operate with any crypto wallet you can create one through free crypto wallets like Coinbase, Blackchain, Freewallet, among many others.

Conclusion of mCrypto: Play to Earn Crypto

mCrypto: Play to Earn Crypto pays in a timely manner. The platform represents an excellent opportunity to earn money in your free time. The truth is that mCrypto: Play to Earn Crypto is one of the few apps that really pay and you have to take advantage of all its features to generate income in a genuine way.
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mCrypto: Play to Earn Crypto is currently paying.

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