Word Beach Puzzle:Fun Game Review is it scam?

Word Beach Puzzle:Fun Game is a game that is promoted online as a paid app. The truth is very different from what this advertising campaign claims. The app does not pay and uses various gimmicks to attract new users and keep them on the platform as long as possible. The following review will disprove everything that the advertising campaign says about this platform. Read carefully to the end and find out how Word Beach Puzzle:Fun Game deceives users.

Word Beach Puzzle:Fun Game: is it legit?

Word Beach Puzzle:Fun Game is not a legitimate app as it does not pay what it claims and uses misleading advertising to make itself known. Despite having over 100,000 downloads worldwide, the app is still in early access because the developer does not want users to publicly reveal how fraudulent the platform is.

What is Word Beach Puzzle:Fun Game?

Word Beach Puzzle: Fun Game is presented as a new game from the team of T.Studio, a developer company famous for creating fake apps. Word Beach Puzzle: Fun Game is a word game for people over 17 years old, containing violent and bloody images.
Through its fraudulent advertising campaign the app proposes you to increase your vocabulary, collect additional words and unlock the mysteries of the ocean. The game contains a dictionary that you can use while playing. The app claims to promote reading and develop a more complex verbal language. Although this can be very interesting, the only thing that matters is if it really pays, something that unfortunately does not happen.

To download Word Beach Puzzle:Fun Game on your cell phone you must go to Google Play Store and search for it by its name. You will find it right away because it has a very long name. If you do not find it is because it is not compatible with your device. To enter the app you don’t need to register and you can start playing directly.

How to play?

When you enter Word Beach Puzzle:Fun Game you will see a brief tutorial that explains how to form the words. Your goal will be to make as many combinations as you can think of, until one of them fits what the game asks for. Inside the platform there are several boxes that show the coins and bills that you earn.
Your goal is to create words with the scattered letters that appear at the bottom. Your guide is the top part, where there are boxes that show you how many letters you need to form each one. What you have to do is to move your finger across the screen without lifting it at any time and thus draw a line between the letters so that they join and give them a shape. The platform assists you technically if you are confused or have doubts. You have to solve puzzles and also complete easy tasks to get more rewards. The game consists of eight levels and more than 30,000 words to entertain you.
For each move you will get a screen where you get coins or bills. As the game progresses, the platform will force you to watch more ads.


When it comes to cashing out Word Beach Puzzle:Fun Game has Zelle, Venmo and Paymentwall, PayPal, CashApp and PopMoney as payment methods. The minimum withdrawal is $1000 dollars, an extremely high amount for an app. The money you claim will never reach your account in any case, as it is all a scam.

Conclusion of Word Beach Puzzle:Fun Game

Word Beach Puzzle:Fun Game does not pay as it is one of the many scams that exist within the Google Play Store. You should not download this app to your cell phone and if you already have it downloaded, delete it right now. The real intention of the developer is that you see as many ads as possible, but it will never reward you for your time.
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Word Beach Puzzle:Fun Game does not pay.


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