Mega Dozer 2022, Does it really pay? [Review]

Mega Dozer 2022

Being an application of Mega Dozer Studio, which has a couple of other applications, it is an original Studio of Play Store, being the owner of the application that we will talk about today in this review, denying or recognizing the veracity of this game, which, at first glance, shows us to be a simulation of a casino, Mega Dozer 2022. Today’s objective, as with all our articles… this is an application that pays, read on to find out.

Having more than 1 million downloads, this game promises to pay you to play, like many others on the platform, does not have a release date which is important to know how long it has been on the market, and as users, know the necessary information of what we are    downloading on our devices, and dedicating our time. The last update date was recently, since according to the page and corroborating it myself, it says it was February 1, 2023. Anyone over 13 years old can become a user of the app, this makes the game very accessible, since letting this happen, it should not be so difficult to use, at first glance everything seems to indicate that it is an application under development.

What is Mega Dozer 2022?

There is no information about the Studio creator of the application on the Internet, which raises certain suspicions, to which I will not give them much importance without first trying the app and judge for myself its function and veracity.

From what I notice, it is a fairly usual game, nothing original or new to what we can find in any download platform, it is a gambling application in which users enter with the idea and goal of earning money for using it, usually the apps that promise to give its user a lot of money in exchange for using it and create profits for the creator, end up being a scam and are rarely real and legitimate, will this be the exception or again we will be facing one more junk application?

Installation and registration in Mega Dozer 2022:

The ease and accessibility that the creator gives us by not asking for any type of registration to be able to start playing in this online casino simulator, is something to thank, since you do not need to waste time, nor will it take you so long to find out if there is a real reward within this, ideal for those who do not have so much time and simply want to download and play.

After this, Mega Dozer Studio 2022 will launch a banner with the instructions to follow in order to understand the game in the best way, so that there are no doubts and you can use the application without having unanswered questions, or wasting time looking outside the app for the answers to what you wonder about the operation.  It should be noted that these are a bit long, however, necessary to get the most out of it, it’s all a matter of patience and when you least expect, you’ll be playing your favorite game of chance, or whatever the case for which you decided to download the application, in my opinion the fact of summarizing the instructions, is a great area of opportunity that the creator could take into account to streamline the process and for the convenience of its users.

How does Mega Dozer 2022 work?

At the beginning of the game, as a first impression I could notice that they show you a game which seems to be a slot machine, in which while things are falling from the bottom (which will be the rewards that players will be winning) you are also throwing coins from the top, these will then fall and push what is on the shelf of the prizes that could become yours.

Among the different rewards are, Amazon cards, coins that convert into real money (supposedly), dollars, and wads of bills. After a while, the annoying advertising starts to appear, which although it is necessary to produce income for the creator, it is annoying for the user. As far as I could tell, everything you earn in the application, will go to a section where you can check what you have earned and see the rewards you have been achieving.

It does not have much science, apparently all the movements of the application are predetermined, and the only job of the user, is to click on the screen desperately, to believe that we are winning all the prizes on our own.


In the application there are different ways to withdraw the money that would remunerate us the game in case of being real, that most used way and the one that generates more confidence for most people, is by Paypal, and another way that may be more convenient for some, is by Amazon, in this situation they would send you a code to your mail, to later, use it in that which is your decision.  It should be noted that the minimum amount to make a withdrawal is 300 USD, something difficult to achieve unless you have the time and patience to spend hours or even days to something that at the end of the day you have no certainty that it is true.

Conclusion of Mega Dozer 2022:

If what you are looking for is to have a good time, this game is for you, however, if what you want is that an application pays you to play, it is not the right place because, after testing the application, I came to the truth, and is that no matter how much time you spend, and even if you put all your started in creating points and rewards, Mega Dozer Studio, does not pay to play. It is one more application that seeks to scam users, bringing them to download the application through lies and unattainable promises.

If you are looking for applications that pay to play, I invite you to read the blog in general, because here you can find games that do fulfill the promise of rewarding you financially for your time.



If you want to use the application and check that this information is legit, I will leave you below the download link:

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