Merge Balls – Lucky Game – An App That Pays You To Play?

Merge Balls – Lucky Game – Does it really pay?

Today we are going to talk about  Merge Balls – Lucky Game,  an  app to  earn money playing games  that is promoted as an  app that does pay . The app is the creation of a studio that we know very well on this blog and sadly it is not a good thing.

I decided to do this article despite knowing the result, since I want to draw a path for other users and not waste their time. If you want to know everything and understand how they use you, stay until the end. You will find out what the game is about and above all, because now there are so many  applications to earn money by playing  fake games. Do not forget that for this I will base myself on my experience, the blog has nothing to do with any study and we do not promote anyone. We are users just like you and we are looking for some  applications to earn money playing  or performing various tasks .

At the bottom you will have the names of several lists that gather  apps that do pay , most of them will be  applications to earn money playing games  that are proven and you can install any without any risk. They all have articles in which there is more information, as well as different  payment methods . Well, now if we continue with  Merge Balls , an app that was created in January of this year and was updated for the last time in that same April. So far it has more than 500,000 downloads and not a single review from its users, which is rare considering the months it has been in the Play Store.

What is Merge Balls – Lucky Game?

Merge Balls – Lucky Game  is another boring game where you have to be throwing balls on an empty board. The end? Get some pairs and unlock wholesale level tiles. As you can see, it is nothing new and you may even be bored by the fact that it is quite common to come across one of these when you are looking for an  application to earn money playing games . Also, how could it be otherwise, everything will have ads and these will be long and interactive.

But hey, you may wonder who created this app and why I am so sure that it is a lie. Well, it’s about  IrwinPiia6hgtuo , a study that we know very well in this blog. The company has so far published three other games and all of them are advertised to the public as an  application to earn money while playing games  even though they are not. I have tried most of them and let me tell you, they are just a disappointment. There is no commercial that convinces me that another of their projects can be an  app that does pay  after trying their  junk apps .

The truth is that  IrwinPiia6hgtuo  will hardly change this course. I mean, why bother bringing something of quality when you can perfectly make mediocre copies and pass them off to users as  legitimate apps to earn money by playing games  . For this reason it is better that you always investigate and do not stay only with the commercial.

Merge Balls - Lucky Game - app that does pay

Installation and registration in Merge Balls – Lucky Game:

The app is somewhat difficult to find, although spelling its name correctly and completely shouldn’t be that difficult. You can also check the name of the study and thus make sure you install the correct one. If you cannot find it, it may be because it is not compatible with your cell phone, in these cases there is no solution and I recommend you follow another app. 

Luckily no registration will be necessary to be able to play. You should not enter an email or something similar, you just focus on playing

How to play?

After you enter  Merge Balls – Lucky Game  you will have a short tutorial to explain how the game works. Besides there will be an empty board and a kind of bird mounted on a cloud that will be passing each ball. All you have to do is launch them. You will also have some boxes with configurations and most importantly, a  box where your reward will be  and with which you can interact to see all the information.

The objective is simply to throw each chip that is passed to you, of course you must also pay attention to the color they have and the number stamped on their visible face. They will all have this and it will be what distinguishes them and what helps us to form the couples that the game requires of us. After this you must launch each one, for this you can move the doll around the screen sliding your finger without lifting it and when you are sure, press to release. If they land close and somehow two of the same tiles collide, then you can see that they come together and form a new one with a higher number and another color. Do not forget that if you run out of movements you can resort to aid. 

The  reward  is delivered in the middle of the game and it is automatically credited to your account. The truth is that it is quite generous and as if that were not enough, it gives you the chance to see an ad to multiply your earnings, something that I do not recommend doing.

Application to earn money playing - app that does pay


On this occasion you will have the option of  requesting your payment  through  PayPal  and  Amazon , although the best option will always be  PayPal . Well, the  minimum payment  is  $300 dollars  like the rest of its apps and you can opt for other amounts such as  $500 ,  $1,000 ,  $2,000  and  $5,000 dollars , but we can hardly get the  minimum payment .

Merge Balls - Lucky Game - app to earn money by playing games

Does Merge Balls – Lucky Game pay?

Merge Balls – Lucky Game does not pay,  like its fellow students, it is only there to waste our time. My highest recommendation is that you do not install any Megan Rene Oliver game   because they will undoubtedly be a lie and they will take up space on your cell phone, as well as battery life. If it has not been clear to you with the whole article, it is best that you delete the application and look for other options. Ones that to begin with, do not lie to their users and are full of ads. You can start with this blog, here we have found several  legitimate applications to earn money playing .

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