Mind Joy – Daily Affirmations, Can You Make Money? [Review]

Mind Joy – Daily Affirmations, Does it pay or is it a scam?

You may have already seen Mind Joy – Daily Affirmations , an online money making app that bills itself as a paid app and seems to be on the rise. All the apps seem to make the same promise, so it is always better to review each one and in this way know how reliable they are.

Stay until the end and find out if this is really an app that you pay for or an app that you should be careful of. Remember that we have nothing to do with any study, so the opinion you will find is honest and if it still does not convince you, you can always go and review it on your own. I really hope this is an app to make money online , but we’ll see.

Also, even if this app is a disappointment in the end and ends up being just another junk app , you can go to the bottom of the article and find some list names and the link to the longer list that brings together paying apps and in which of course there are applications to earn money online . From applications that pay you to play , to apps that pay you for micro tasks .

What is Mind Joy – Daily Affirmations?

It can be said that Mind Joy – Daily Affirmations is one of the most particular applications that I have come across, since here what is necessary to earn money will be to have good daily habits, or at least that is what it says in its description. It seems that the popularity of apps for healthy habits is growing, the creators of apps to earn money online take notes and start creating apps of this type to deceive users.

The app is created byフィットネスジョイ, a Korean studio whose name literally translates to “Joy of Fitness” and has already published another app of this, other apps to earn money online , only this is an app to earn money by walking . It promises to be a paying app and looks exactly like any other PUA you can easily find and that seems to be the formula フィットネスジョイ chose to follow.

The study is relatively new and whenever you come across a commercial, they will tell you that their applications are apps that do pay and you can trust blindly. Now, I tell you from my personal experience that this is not the case, but keep reading so that you understand how these companies operate.

Mind Joy - Daily Affirmations

Installation and registration in Mind Joy – Daily Affirmations:

I don’t think it’s necessary to remind you that you should search for it and download it directly from the Play Store , otherwise you could find yourself with an APK that is dangerous. When you look for her, make sure you place her name correctly in the search engine. Also keep in mind that you can find it with its name in Spanish as: ” Mente Alegría “.

Once you enter you will be able to access different configurations, but it will not be necessary to register or link an account.

Mind Joy - Daily Affirmations

How does it work?

Well, at least Mind Joy – Daily Affirmations is a curious app that helps you keep notes about your state of mind, a couple of daily recommendations and some notes about your day to day. Besides, of course, it also allows you to keep a clearer schedule of your daily life, something that I recommend if you are a disorganized person or with concentration problems.

Going back to the app, I can only tell you that when you enter you will be given a welcome bonus of 300,000 points , which is equivalent to about $3 dollars . The app is completely focused on your “personal development” and in this way you will always see notes of encouragement and different things focused on this. They will even help you improve your patience, since with a few minutes there anyone despairs due to the amount of publicity they have, but perhaps it is part of your growth…

The reward isn’t very pervasive and seems to come more randomly than for concise activities, although there are some readings and different things you can do to earn more points .

Application to earn money online - app that does pay


This time you will have two options to request your payment and this will be through PayPal and CashApp , although as always, I recommend that you use PayPal . In the same way, the minimum withdrawal will be the same in both options and this is $3 dollars , which is basically your welcome bonus .

The money will be reflected in your account in the next 2 or 3 business days, although the reality is that you will be waiting.

Application to earn money online - app that does pay

Conclusion of Mind Joy – Daily Affirmations:

If you read the entire article, you will surely have noticed that most of me speak badly about this app, with good reason. It’s just an excuse to end up pushing as many ads as possible in the shortest possible time and thus get some extra revenue for the developer , but nothing more. It is certainly not an application to earn money online , beyond that you have a nice welcome bonus . Mind Joy – Daily Affirmations is a no-pay app and that won’t change.

Before you get completely discouraged and end up giving up your search, I can tell you that I have something that can help you: lists full of apps that do pay . These lists bring together more than 50 apps that do pay and all of them are verified and have articles where you can find more information about each one. Also you have hundreds of articles where you can check other applications that are popular and ended up as PUAs .

To access these lists, you only need to search for certain names in the blog menu and select each one. The names are as follows: “25 Best Apps To Earn Money” , “Applications to earn money online 2023” , “Five applications that help you earn extra money” , “Best applications to earn extra money” and “Applications to earn money online 2023” .




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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