TeenUP: Watch, Learn, Earn, Are You Paying? [Review]

TeenUP: Watch, Learn, Earn, Scam or Pay?

This time I will tell you about TeenUp: Watch, Learn, Earn , an application to earn free money that has been promoted several times and always claims to be an app that does pay . It is not a new app, but there seems to be little information about it on the web, so here you will find what you need to know whether to install it or not.

Read until the end to find out everything, to know if it really is an app that you pay for or just another junk application that is not worth it and is better to discard. Here we do not promote anyone, we do not have to do with any study, we are simply users who test applications and always go with the hope of finding an application to earn free money .

If you read to the end, apart from finding if it is an app that does pay or not , you will also be able to find the names of some lists that gather apps that do pay and that are verified. All the lists are safe and you can browse them with complete peace of mind that they will all be applications to earn free money , since we never recommend apps with integrated purchases .

What is TeenUP: Watch, Learn, Earn?

Its name implies that you can see, learn and earn money , do you wonder what you can learn in this app? Well, it’s just a matter of choosing the topics that interest you the most or about which you want to understand more when you register, you will have the options of music, photography, animals, etc. TeenUP: Watch, Learn, Earn is one of the most interesting applications to earn free money that we have come across, few have been the same as this one.

The application was created by Apps International LLC , a study of which there is no reference, with good reason, since it does not have any other application published to date. It seems that they wanted to focus only on TeenUp , all their efforts are reflected in this app and unfortunately it doesn’t seem to end well for users. The app seems to be an app that does pay at first, but there are a couple of things that make me wonder.

The registration, the interface and what you have to do in general looks quite legitimate, only that there are some aspects that do not look good at all and that no app that pays would have. The payment is one of the curious things about it, but there is also the fact that it has no comments despite being published more than two years ago.

TeenUP: Watch, Learn, Earn

Installation and registration in TeenUp: Watch, Learn, Earn:

You can easily look for it in the Play Store , to this day it is still published and it is best to install it from official and reliable sources. The APKs can often have viruses or violate the data of your cell phone. Search for it by its full name and check that the study name matches

When you enter you will have the option to register through a Google account, then you must give your date of birth, your name and choose between an avatar or an image of your cell phone.

TeenUP: Watch, Learn, Earn

How does it work?

Once you enter TeenUp: Watch, Learn, Earn you will have the registration and depending on what you choose (teacher or apprentice) you will be able to find different activities to earn money or even donate coins to other users. It seems that students can both earn money and donate money to teachers, but the downside is that for this you will need to use the integrated purchases .

In one of the tabs you will have the option to buy coins , of course this will be done with real money and it is never recommended in any app. Now, to earn gems (it’s the money ) you need to watch a lot of videos to learn and apparently answer some quizzes to check how far you have come and based on this, you can also see how much you have learned and thus value the teachers .

The reward is usually low and it is difficult to gather all the gems to request the payment , in addition to the occasional advertisement, although it will not be very frequent. In addition, the money you donate and the money you earn will be in separate accounts, so you can’t get confused.

Application to earn free money - app that does pay


You can request your payment through a bank account , this through credit cards that the app accepts. The minimum withdrawal is $100 and it is supposed to be available in your account within 7 business days. You can also request payments for $200 , $300 , $400 and $500 dollars .

Application to earn free money - app that does pay

Conclusion of TeenUp: Watch, Learn, Earn:

At first it seems quite reliable, in fact I was a bit excited, only after a closer look it seemed to me that it is a total waste of time. Unfortunately, applications to earn free money tend to be fake and therefore it is better to always review them, some may seem very legitimate, as is the case. TeenUP: Watch, Learn, Earn is a no-pay app .

If you want to stay informed it is always better to check the blog, we can help you and by the way, you can leave the name of any app in the comments so that we can review it as soon as possible. You also have access to several lists that have apps that do pay and that can help you a lot in your search. All the apps there are verified and have their own article.

To access these lists you just have to look for the following names in the menu or in the blog’s own search engine: “25 Best Apps To Earn Money” , “Five applications that help you earn extra money” , “Best applications to earn extra money 203” , “Applications to earn free cryptocurrencies” and “Applications to earn money online 2023” .




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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