Pet Connect, Legitimate App Or Scam? [Review]

Pet Connect, Scam or not?

Today I will tell you about Pet Connect , an application to earn money by playing that is presented as an app that pays every time you can, something that is very common and that at this point is not so surprising, it’s just that many times it is a lie. Here I will speak to you from my experience and of course you can leave all your experience in the comments.

Stay until the end and find out everything, here I will tell you if it really is an app that does pay or just another junk application . In addition, if you stay until the end you will be able to find some lists that gather apps that do pay , there are from applications to earn money playing games , to applications that pay you for doing tasks or answering surveys .

Don’t expect to find something more than a puzzle game because after all it seems that it is the only thing that the creators know how to program, there is not much else in this niche. We are still here to find an application to earn money playing games that really works, the rest should not matter to us.

What is Pet Connect?

Well, I think its name ends up being somewhat descriptive, since after all the game is exactly what its name promises: connecting tiles with forming pets. There is nothing new that Pet Connect can offer , not even its graphics are far from what we already see on a daily basis, so don’t expect much. An application to earn money by playing is difficult to find and if we do and find an app that does pay , then the game goes to the background.

The app was created by a studio that isn’t very well known and doesn’t have any other published apps, so we can’t know much to expect. It looks like the typical study in which a creator seeks to attract a large part of the public by promising to be an application to earn money playing games , something that ultimately does not comply and that only has the purpose of creating a source of income for the user. creator.

It honestly doesn’t seem like a paid app , it’s full of ads and doesn’t have many aspects that would make it legitimate. Furthermore it also seems to be a big copy of other PUAs , so it seems that this earn money gaming app is fading more and more.

Pet Connect

Installation and registration in Pet Connect:

You can easily find it in the Play Store , you just have to choose the option that says “Early Access”, otherwise it won’t be our game. If you can’t find it or when you install it it doesn’t allow you to, it may be because it’s not compatible with your cell phone, something for which there’s no solution.

You will not need any registration, it will not even ask you for an email, account or name, you can just continue and play as you wish. What if, is that it will request some permissions that I think are quite intrusive and can put your data at risk.

Pet Connect

How to play?

Once you enter Pet Connect you will find the usual stuff, a bunch of tiles that you must use to generate different groups or pairs. Of course, these tiles must coincide in their entirety so that the groups can be formed and then disappear. Apart from that, there is little else to do, you can only see the ads that pop up and wait patiently for them to give you the option to close it.

The tiles will have only a small animal or well, the face of these, to distinguish them and then everything will be your job. The tiles can be joined two by two and you will do it by means of a line that you must draw with your finger, pressing the screen. You will also have a roulette wheel where you can try your luck and some wines that will appear from time to time, although of course it will be necessary to see an advertisement for this.

Regarding the reward, I can only tell you that at first it is more than tempting and you may think that you are going to earn a lot of money , but after a while it starts to give you less money and forces you to watch advertising, even if it doesn’t give you anything.

Application to earn money playing - app that does pay


This seems to be an app more than anything designed for the youngest, so the rewards that we can find are mostly focused on games that are popular among those ages. To request your payment you will need a minimum of 10,000 diamonds that once you collect, you can withdraw to FreeFire , Mobile Legends , Clash of Clans , Coin Master and PUBG .

Application to earn money playing - App that does pay

Pet Connect Conclusion:

I’m sorry if you have got your hopes up with this app, since sadly it is not yet a legitimate application and it will hardly be. What bad starts, bad finishes. Pet Connect is an app that does not pay and although its reward seems legitimate and anyone at first glance can come to believe that it is an application to earn money playing games that really works, the truth is that it is not. If you have it on your cell phone, it’s best to delete it because you won’t get anything.

Disappointing yourself is difficult, but I think it’s necessary so you don’t have false hopes and end up wasting time and space on your cell phone. This does not mean that you cannot find apps that do pay . In fact, in this blog there are several lists that bring them together and in which all the apps are verified and have articles that you can review and in which you can find out more about each thing.

If you want to access these apps that do pay, you can go to our lists from the menu, then look for the following names: “25 Best Apps To Earn Money” , “Best Apps to earn extra money 2023” , “Application to earn free cryptocurrencies ” , “Five applications that help you earn extra money” and “Applications to earn money online 2023” . Even below you have the link to the most extensive list of all, in case you do not want to look for the others.




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