The Panel Station, Do You Make Money With Surveys [Review]

The Panel Station, does it really pay?

This time I will tell you about The Panel Station , an application to earn money by answering surveys that is an app that does pay , luckily for us. It seems to be getting harder and harder to find an app that you pay for , but at least this time we managed to come out on top and earn some extra cash .

Read until the end to find out how to use the app, what you should do and even how much money you can earn for each survey or in general. Remember that we have never been linked to any study or app, so we will always give you an honest opinion in which you can guide yourself. If an app is an app that does pay , I’ll tell you. Same thing if it’s a junk app .

Also, if you read to the end you will be able to find the names of some lists that gather apps that do pay , there are from applications to earn money by answering surveys , to applications to earn money by playing games or performing micro tasks . All the apps in those lists are verified and have their own article.

What is The Panel Station?

The Panel Station is an application to earn money by answering surveys , something that I suppose you already know if you have been in this niche for a while. Normally, most of the apps that do pay have to do with answering surveys and little else, they are one of the few that are generally reliable and legitimate. The app also reflects within itself a large part of what all survey apps are; the same interface and the same order.

This app was created by The Panel Station (yes, the studio has the same name), and it’s a company that has only one other published app so far. Although this has nothing to do with making money , how does the app I’m talking about become. The only creation that can serve and help you is the one I am talking about.

The application as such is good and has several options on a daily basis, although you must keep checking and also charge with an attractive profile so that the companies allow you to answer their surveys. Remember that at the end of the day, The Panel Station is just an intermediary between other companies and us, so the surveys that are given to us are not entirely dependent on them.

The Panel Station

Installation and registration in The Panel Station:

Look for it in the Play Store , since APKs are not a good idea because you never know how reliable they will be and if not they will put you in some kind of risk. In addition, the app has a web page that you can visit, although below you will have the link of the official app, in case you cannot find it.

To register you need an email and a password. Then you will have to verify your mail and make sure it is successful, otherwise it will not do much good and your winnings could be at risk.

The Panel Station

How does it work?

Once you enter The Panel Station you will have a panel where you can interact with different options and some settings such as language, your profile and payment method . I recommend that the first thing you do is answer the questions for your profile, that way you can have some advantages and that the company knows what kind of person you are and whether or not it is convenient to send you surveys.

After this you will have a space where you can access the surveys and start selecting the one you like the most. Each survey will have a description of the time it takes you to answer it approximately and more or less the amount of money you can earn for each one or, well, some points that, in the end, will be what gives us our reward .

The reward will be in your account every time you answer a survey, immediately. All the points will be added up and there will be a section where you can review each survey you have answered and thus keep a more accurate count.

Application to earn money by answering surveys - App that does pay


There is only one way to request your payment and it is through PayPal , a virtual bank that will basically be the most used method in all the apps that do pay . To request your withdrawal you only need to have a minimum of 3,000 points and these will be seen in your account in about three business days. These 3,000 points represent $2 dollars .

Application to earn money answering surveys - app that does pay

Conclusion of The Panel Station:

If you want to try it ahead, it is a great option, although you should always check so that you do not miss any survey and also turn on notifications, for this very reason. It is a good app to earn money by answering surveys and it is legit, so there are few bad things left to say. The Panel Station is a paid app , so go to the link below and install it.

If this application still does not convince you, then you can go to our lists and there you will find several apps that do pay and that range from applications to earn money by answering surveys , to applications to earn money by playing games . All the applications in these lists are verified and you can access their own article, since they have a link that is linked and that has all the information you need.

To access these lists, you only need to search the following names in the menu or in the blog’s own search engine: “Applications to earn free cryptocurrencies” , “Five applications that help you earn extra money” , “Best applications to earn money extra 2023” , “25 Best Apps To Earn Money” and “Applications to earn money online 2023” . Apart below you will have the link to the most extensive list of all.



Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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