Pedometer Club Review: does it really pay?

Pedometer Club is a trendy app, as it belongs to the fitness industry. This platform follows the trend of apps that pay for walking and physical activity. The difference between Pedometer Club and other apps of the same style is that this one promises to pay hundreds of dollars, even thousands of dollars every month just for walking. The reality is that this application does not pay users and it is all about a scam carried out by the platform to make money by scamming.
Read the following review below and find out how Pedometer Club deceives users.

Pedometer Club: is it legit?

Pedometer Club is not a legitimate application as it does not pay what it promises and uses misleading advertising to lie to users.

What is Pedometer Club?

Pedometer Club is a fitness app that aims to make users money, which never happens. The platform follows the trend of many fitness apps that pay for users to be physically active. Pedometer claims to pay $1 dollar for every 1,000 coins users earn by walking. The app is available on Android and can be downloaded in any country in the world. The platform does not require any registration and you can start using it right away. That is a negative aspect of the platform, as there will be no record of your physical activity evolution. As soon as you enter the app for the first time you receive a $200 bonus, which you have the possibility to multiply.

How does it work?

Podometer Club records the user’s steps, distance and calories burned. However, the step counting function has many errors. It constantly records many more steps than the user has taken. The end result is erroneous and unreliable. The app does not convert your steps into coins as it claims to do. Instead, you must tap the “Get Coins” button below the step counter, which activates a video ad that the user must watch. As the app runs, the user encounters thousands of video ads. The app also has three games to attract more users: Funny Slot, Luck Wheel and Lucky Scratch. Unlike other fitness apps, Pedometer Club does not pay anything to users who choose it to earn money by walking.


When it comes to collecting your earnings, Pedometer Club has a payout threshold of $1000, which is way too high. The reality is that you need to watch thousands of advertising videos to reach that figure, which has nothing to do with physical activity and promoting a healthy lifestyle.
Moreover, even if you reach the $1000 threshold, the platform will put countless obstacles in your way so that you will never get paid.

Conclusion of Pedometer Club

Pedometer Club is a junk app that will never pay you what it claims. The best thing to do is to stay away from this platform and never download it to your cell phone. If you already have it installed, remove it from your device. The developer company makes money thanks to the advertisements you see, but it will never pay you what you are entitled to.
Pedometer Club has a good rating on the Internet, but you should know that those reviews are fake. The developer company bought those reviews to have a good image and deceive users. However, people complain about how bad the app is and reveal all their deceptions through forums and also on social networks.
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Pedometer Club does not pay.

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