Pop Star Review: is it scam?

Pop Star is an app that is promoted on the internet as a pay-to-play platform. The reality is very different from what is expressed in the advertising. Pop Star does not pay and uses various gimmicks to attract new users and then retain them in the app as long as possible.
Read the following review carefully and find out how Pop Star deceives people.

Pop Star: is it legit?

Pop Star is not a legitimate app because it does not pay what it claims and uses misleading advertising to attract new users. The app has a high rating on Google Play, but these are fake reviews that are paid for by the developer to project a positive image of the app.

What is Pop Star?

Pop Star is an app created by the developer Megan Rene Oliver, famous for creating junk apps. Pop Star is presented as a really interesting puzzle game that enjoys great popularity. It is defined as a casual game suitable for all ages, easy to learn and play. The game contains hundreds of unique levels that will keep you busy for a long time. The game has neat animation and sound effects that keep the user relaxed. The game does not require WiFi, so it is available anytime, anywhere. The app already has more than half a million downloads because it has carried out an incredible advertising campaign presenting itself as a pay-to-play app.
To download Pop Star on your cell phone, simply go to Google Play and search for it by its name. As that name is very common, put the name of the developer, Megan Rene Oliver. If you do not find it is because the app is not compatible with your device.
The app does not require any registration, but if you want you can log in through your Facebook account.

How to play?

Once you enter Pop Star you will have a board that is filled with fu vas of various colors, usually two. There are also some boxes to access a couple of settings and technical assistance in case at some point you get stuck in the game.
What you must do here is to observe and press blocks containing more than three tiles of the same color. These blocks are distributed in a particular way, what you must do to win the game is to press the screen twice, at least if you play well in the first levels. As you advance in levels, more colors will be added to the mix, although the complexity won’t change much and it will still be easy to overcome. Throughout the game you will be forced to watch ads. You will receive rewards very often, for which you will also be forced to watch ads.
In summary: you will have to click on the connected stars of the same color, the more stars you smash at the same time, the more points you will earn, pass each stage by reaching the set goal and remember to leave as few stars as possible in the final stage.


Pop Star pays through PayPal and Amazon, the minimum withdrawal is $300 in both cases. The truth is that the money will never reach your account, because it is all a scam. The developer’s goal is for you to see as many ads as possible so they can make money, without paying you for the time you invested in the app.

Conclusion of Pop Star

Pop Star does not pay because it is a junk app and resorts to deception to trap new users who will not be paid for their time. The best thing to do is to ignore Pop Star and never download it to your cell phone, if you have already downloaded the app you should delete it right away. Remember to research every app before downloading it to your device. This way you avoid falling into the traps that fraudulent apps set for you.
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Pop Star does not pay.

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