Punto de Cruz: Cross Stitch Review: is it scam?

Punto de cruz: Cross Stitch is an app that is promoted on the internet as a pay to play app. The reality is very different from the advertising, since this app is not exactly a game, nor does it pay to play. The platform presents several gimmicks to trick users into staying as long as possible within the app.
Read the following Punto de cruz: Cross Stitch review below and find out the whole truth about this fraudulent platform.

Punto de Cruz: Cross Stitch: is it legit?

Punto de cruz: Cross Stitch is not a legitimate app because it uses misleading advertising to make itself known. The app has a high rating in the Play Store, as well as positive reviews. The reality is that these reviews are paid for by the app’s developer to project a positive image of the app. The truth is that the platform is fraudulent and will never pay users to play on the app.

What is Punto de cruz: Cross Stitch?

Punto de Cruz: Cross Stitch is presented as a great application for children and adults to have fun. Cross Stitch is supposed to boost concentration and entertain for many hours. The platform invites you to connect the colored cross stitches in the right place and achieve a fabulous creation. The app has many tools to work within the platform and the ultimate goal of the game is to relax. The app has six categories of images: Animals, Art, Flowers, Landscapes, People and Pets. The app displays a large number of advertisements, which spoils the experience within the platform.

The game consists of playing and transforming the images you have on your cell phone. It is recommended that you never use personal photos. Although all this seems very interesting, the only thing that matters is to know if the app pays users to play. The reality is that the app is fraudulent and does not pay users. The app has become incredibly popular and already has more than ten million downloads around the world. The app was created by Eyewind, a developer company famous for creating junk apps.

To download Punto de cruz: Cross Stitch on your cell phone just go to Play Store and search for it by its name. If you do not find it is because it is not compatible with your device. To access the app you don’t need to register, login or link to another account. If you want you can enter through a Gmail account and you will get a reward for it.

How to play?

When you enter Punto de cruz: Cross Stitch you will see several categories to sort the images. You will also see the main tab which is empty, where you must upload an image from your cell phone to start working on that image. Once you do it will give you access to a color palette with which you can edit and color the images.
You can get rewards by watching ads and looking for tasks to do at any time. You will also have daily bonuses to motivate you to enter the app every day.


When it comes to collect your winnings you will discover that the platform does not offer any payment method. Punto de cruz: Cross Stitch is a fraudulent app because all its advertisements state that the platform pays to play, but it is all a hoax.

Conclusion of Punto de cruz: Cross Stitch

Punto de cruz: Cross Stitch does not pay because it is a fraudulent app that displays an excessive amount of advertisements for the developer to make money through users. You do not have to download this app on your cell phone unless you just want to be entertained by it. This app is a waste of time and will only take up space and battery life on your device.
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Punto de cruz: Cross Stitch does not pay.

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