Profit Review: is it scam?

Profit is an app that is promoted on the Internet as a platform to find employment, since it contacts the user with companies and employers. The reality is very different from what the advertising says, since the platform is fraudulent and does not offer any good job opportunities. The following review disproves everything that Profit’s advertising says. Read it to the end and find out how this platform deceives users.

Profit: is it legit?

Profit is not a legitimate app as it does not serve to find jobs and does not deliver what it promises. Profit is in early access, because the developer does not want users to reveal publicly that the app is fraudulent. Remember that most of the apps that are in early access are scams.

What is Profit?

Profit is presented as an app to find jobs, created by the developer NDNTINGSES, famous for creating fake apps. However, Profit claims to be a useful platform for finding jobs and contacting employers and established companies. The app claims to be a place to find and apply for the latest jobs around the world.
The platform allows you to be specific and filter jobs by department, location, salary and date.
The user can search for full-time, part-time, permanent, temporary and contract jobs. The app invites to search for the latest global job offers from multinational companies and companies of all sizes. Unfortunately, none of these features serve as a true job search platform.
Profit does not require any particular registration and you only need to upload your resume to start looking for a job.

How does it work?

Profit will ask you to upload your resume to start looking for a job and supposedly for companies and employers to contact you in case they are interested in hiring you. The platform claims to offer 3000 new job opportunities in more than 1200 companies worldwide. Within the platform you will be able to view the latest job openings, save jobs and see what you have been looking for lately. You can create job alerts and receive automatic notifications of the latest jobs available.
Within the application you can create your own job search space in the database, which facilitates your job search and also makes it easier for recruiters to find you. Profit has job seeker profiles to manage your job search. You can store up to five versions of your resume in your profile. You can upload your resume and apply for jobs through mobile devices using cloud storage services.


Profit does not offer real job offers from any company, as it is all a scam. The app is still in early access, although it has already been downloaded by more than 50 thousand users. Profit does not offer any jobs in face-to-face or online mode. The job offers offer very high salaries for a few hours of work. The platform even asks for money to send you higher quality job offers, but it’s all a lie.
Logically you should never pay to look for a job. Unfortunately some naive people believe that paying a fee will get them good job offers, when in reality it is all a trap.

Conclusion of Profit

Profit does not offer jobs of any kind, it is all a scam. The best thing to do is to stay away from Profit and never download it to your cell phone. If you already have it downloaded you should delete it right now from your device. The reality is that Profit is a scam, however there are legitimate platforms to find jobs, whether they are online or in person. Profit takes advantage of the online job search trend where you can find jobs online and in person. A legitimate app will never ask you for money to find a job, which Profit does, so avoid this platform.
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Profit is a fake app, it does not offer any job.

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