Unlimit Emoji Merge Review: is it scam?

Unlimit Emoji Merge is an app that is promoted on the internet as an app that pays cash to play. The reality is the opposite of what the advertising says, since this app does not pay under any concept. The platform uses the tender and attractive image of emojis to attract new users, who want to earn money playing. The app presents several deceptions to retain users within the platform, who finally will not be paid anything.
The following review disproves everything Unlimit Emoji Merge says, revealing what they hide. Read to the end and you will find out everything.

Unlimit Emoji Merge: is it legit?

Unlimit Emoji Merge is not a legitimate app as it does not pay what it claims and uses misleading advertising to attract users. Unlimit Emoji Merge remains in early access despite having been downloaded by more than a million people. This is because the developer does not want it to be known that the app is fraudulent and does not pay under any circumstances.

What is Unlimit Emoji Merge?

Unlimit Emoji Merge is a puzzle game created by the developer 600 Game Studio, famous for creating fake apps. The app is intended for individuals over the age of 17. The platform claims to give cash prizes for playing and winning. The app is presented as a casual game that is easy to use and enriches your free time. The app claims to improve the brain activity of each user just by playing constantly. The game is well designed and tries to attract the attention of the users through the popular emoji image.
To download Unlimit Emoji Merge on your cell phone you must search for it by its name in Google Play Store and you will find it right away. If you do not find it is because it is not compatible with your device.
To enter Unlimit Emoji Merge you do not need any registration and you can start playing directly.

How to play?

When you enter Unlimit Emoji Merge, you will see a board in which there are many cards that have an emoji. Each tile has a representative emoji that differentiates them from the rest and makes them easy to distinguish and, at the same time, to group.
The goal is to preselect a card that is close to some others that are identical and to make an exchange. For this there must be at least three identical tiles and at least two of them must be close to each other. This way you can exchange the third one with an emoji and you will form a group. The game will notify you when you have made enough groups and you will be able to level up.
The reward will be delivered in the middle of the game, which ruins your experience within the app. The platform will force you to watch a lot of ads. The in-game earnings are too high, which indicates that the app is fraudulent.


As for money, Unlimit Emoji Merge pays through Amazon, PayPal and bank transfer.
The minimum withdrawal is $500 dollars, although you can also request payments for other amounts such as $1,000, $3,000, $5,000, $10,000 and $20,000 dollars, although none of them are real. In the case of Amazon you need tokens. The minimum withdrawal is $100 dollars and for that you need 100 tokens. You can also request payments for $500 and $1,000 dollars with their respective amount of tokens.

Conclusion of Unlimit Emoji Merge

Unlimit Emoji Merge does not pay because it is another scam of the many that exist within the Google Play Store. You should not download this app on your cell phone, if you already have it downloaded, delete it right now. This app is a waste of time and the best thing to do is to ignore it.
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Unlimit Emoji Merge does not pay.

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