Royal Deck – Card 2048 Puzzle – Legit App Or Scam? [Review]

Royal Deck – Card 2048 Puzzle – Does it work?

Perhaps you already know Royal Deck – Card 2048 Puzzle , a card game to earn money that promises to give us a great reward for just a few minutes of play every day, but this promise is not new and we have already seen it hundreds of times almost always. with the same result: a total lie. Stay until the end, I will tell you everything I found about the app.

For this article I will rely solely on my opinion, we have nothing to do with any study or application and we do not promote anyone, all opinions are honest. We are users just like you and we understand how annoying it can be to come across so many PUAs, so we want to help you identify which ones you can trust and which ones you can’t. If an app is legitimate I’ll tell you so you can use it with confidence. The same if it is a junk app, I will tell you so you do not waste your time.

Besides, in the final part of the article you can find the names of several lists that gather apps that do pay. I recommend you review them and review the apps that are there, I promise you that they can help you a lot to get an extra income. Not being more, let’s see if Royal Deck – Card 2048 Puzzle pays or it is just a waste of time that seeks users to deceive them.

What is Royal Deck – Card 2048 Puzzle?

How Royal Deck – Card 2048 Puzzle works reminds me a lot of the solitaire game, basically you will have to do the same thing but the cards here will be a little different. If you like you can see the Solitaire Mind Challenge and Solitaire Go articles for you to compare. But hey, the point is that the game is just a cheap copy of one that is more popular, but not only that, as soon as you enter you will have to put up with the large number of ads that start to show you.

Few applications I have seen with so much publicity and that I have reviewed several from the same company, A3 Hostingker . Amulet Winner and Mushroom Ocean can serve as an example of this. The company is dedicated to creating game after generic game, it is almost always a copy of another more popular one and they are always promoted as a good way to earn money with little work, something that in each of the situations has been a total lie.

My recommendation from this point is to blacklist A3 Hostingker , it’s never going to create an app that actually works and will only waste your time. Every app you see with its seal is better to ignore it, you will not receive anything.

Royal Deck – Card 2048 Puzzle

Installation and registration in Royal Deck – Card 2048 Puzzle:

Due to the name it has, it is easy to find, although you must make sure to write its name correctly in the search engine. If you can’t find it, it may be due to a compatibility problem with your cell phone, something for which there is no solution and in those cases it is better that you look for another option.

Registration is not necessary in this app, so you will not have to worry about leaving any sensitive information or your email. You just focus on playing and winning.

Royal Deck - Card 2048 Puzzle

How does it work?

When you enter Royal Deck – Card 2048 Puzzle you will see a board on which there are several cards placed, all of them stand out for having a color and a number on their visible face, you will also see some spaces on the board. If you browse the app you will see a store that I do not recommend touching at all, a few account settings and some help that can save you at certain times.

The objective of the game is almost the same as “solitaire”, you just have to organize the cards and in turn create pairs with them. Each card that you see with the same number and color is a possible combination that you can make, for this you must move the rest of the cards and leave the space free so that they can connect. Generally you will only have a certain number of cards on your board and you will not receive more during the game, something that is also in contrast to solitaire.

The reward is delivered in the middle of the game and is automatically added to your account. You can see these moves in the box that appears at the top of the screen. Each reward they give you will be almost the equivalent of watching an ad, so you have to be careful with it.

card game to earn money


You can request your payment through PayPal as the only option, the minimum withdrawal is $100 dollars and although it seems quite easy to achieve, it is not. In addition, I request a payment of $5 dollars from some users in exchange for releasing the reward, which is a total scam .

card game to earn money

Does Royal Deck – Card 2048 Puzzle pay?

Royal Deck – Card 2048 Puzzle definitely does not pay , it is best that you delete it from your cell phone and do not continue wasting time. The creator’s only goal is to get you to see ads so he can earn money, but he won’t give you anything in return and may even try to scam you. Delete it and better and better review the lists that we have in this blog, I promise you that there you will be able to find an application that works.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:


  1. I believe you. I’ve tried for months and months only to have about $4.60 in my PayPal account. My highest “payout” was $1. I get mostly between 10¢- 40¢ that’s if I add negative feedback to these FAKE GAMES. NOW IM PLAYING GAMES ONLY IF I GOGGLE FIRST.

  2. Earlier months ago I did pay twice, the transfer fee of $4.99 then $2.99 for agoggle fee then a $2.99 fee to reduce the ads I had to watch to “Approve” my winnings. So I did spend over $20 on 2 previous different game and I waited the 15 days only to get NOTHING. I NOW GOGGLE a game to see if it’s a scam, recently Hey Billionaire. I played that game for over a month. Around the $860 range, was getting a penny plus after watching countless ads getting nothing. I really don’t understand how these Chinks can do this to us. I hate China. They will take over the world, hopefully not in my time. I just turned 65 and I do like playing these games. I used to play Bejeweled and Bingo Blitz without the money. No ads. It was simple and fun. Then some exec decided to make money. Lots of money. Now these games aren’t fun anymore. You do think you’re going to win big bucks, but alas Fake games and no money.

  3. If it’s too good to be true…it is. Fake games. Winning lots of money playing these games, is only fiction. Not real. Oh it pays directly to your cash app. So I got a cash app, but I even applied for a cash app card. When I received it, I thought it had my money I won on it. Nothing. Absolutely Nothing. At one time, playing a Bingo game for months, I had over $25,000 on it. Then if I cash out, I had to watch 700 videos to APPROVE IT. IT WAS CRUSHING TO DELETE IT, Even if I watched 2 weeks of videos or played games in the “Hall” ?? It would say I did to either watch more or pay a fee. Unbelievable how these Developers can take away all of my time and effort, thinking I could use the money and get out of debt with my school loans and credit card debt. I actually believed these actors saying how they make thousands of dollars they win. All FAKE. ALL LIES.

  4. First off I don’t trust banks thats why I don’t have a bank account. If I was a penny off, they would charge me a $35 overdraft fee. Nope. I have my direct express card that my SS goes on. I do go to Bank of America and withdraw cash for my rent that my EX landlady demanded. No more. She’s a felon, I had a Verbal lease. I couldn’t get mail here since it was a part of her house 600 Aquahart Rd in Glen Burnie Maryland. She wanted me out, so she filed a *Wrongful detainee* on me. That means I’m a Squatter. So we go to court. I had all my direct express statements and telling the judge how she demands cash, so I took pictures of the cash I gave her. She even acknowledged I paid her $1200 cash. It was dismissed. She had filed the WRONG papers. Now I’m out and she still wants $$$

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