Tree Growth Paradise – Scam Or A Legit App? [Review]

Tree Growth Paradise – Do you pay?

You may have seen Tree Growth Paradise in some ads, a app to earn real money that has various ads spread across other apps to the point where it becomes somewhat annoying. Anyway, what I am going to talk about in this article is how it works and if Tree Growth Paradise really pays or is it just another lie, so stick with it.

Before continuing, I want to remind you that this blog has nothing to do with any application or study, so if you have any claim, I recommend that you go directly and leave it in the Play Store, but not in our comment box. We are not promoting the game, we just want to give it a try and review it to help other users, we know how annoying it is to encounter PUAs or waste your time and we want to help you to prevent this from happening. If it is an app that works I will tell you so you can use it with confidence. The same if it is a junk app, I will notify you so that you do not use it anymore.

Besides, it doesn’t matter what the result of this application is, at the bottom you can find the names of some lists that gather apps that do pay. I invite you to review these lists, there you will find several applications to earn real money, which allow you to withdraw without any problem and will surely be of great help. But hey, let’s see if Tree Growth Paradise pays or is just another lie .

What is Tree Growth Paradise?

Tree Growth Paradise is a fairly simple game and consists of watering a tree and giving it all the corresponding care, at least in the main game since there are other options hidden in a small box on the right side of the screen. In a certain sense it reminds me of Tree Garden or Garden Tree, since they were also games in which you had to take care of a tree while complementing it with other games, the bad thing is that those two games were a total lie and Tree Growth was not seems to be very different.

Seeing the similarities between these games, they could have been created by the same person, but they weren’t. You see, the application that I am talking about on this occasion was created by Qhei Mobile and this is a study that, although it has created two other apps that are very similar to this one, has nothing to do with the two games that I mentioned before. The two games that he has published have very different names, although they also go along the lines of taking care of a tree and getting money for it, something somewhat unreal if we start to analyze it.

When you see a supposed application to earn real money that offers you all the facilities in the world and incidentally offers you large amounts of money, doubt, there is no way that this project is sustainable. The only apps that offer large amounts of money are those that never directly pay and use it only as bait for users to install them, they will never give you anything but they will earn.

Tree Growth Paradise

Installation and registration in Tree Growth Paradise:

Because it has a particular name, it is quite easy to find, although you can always enter from one of the many ads that appear anywhere. If you can’t find it, it may be due to compatibility problems because from what I understand, it’s available to everyone. In these cases there is no solution and it is better that you look for other options, APKs can represent a danger.

Luckily for the entrance it is not necessary to make any type of registration, so do not worry about this point. You just focus on playing and winning as much as you can.

Tree Growth Paradise

How does it work?

Well, when you enter Tree Growth Paradise you will have a rather small tree that you must start taking care of and at the same time putting pressure on and I mean that literally. You have to press the screen quite often to be given some bills that then end up in your balance. From what I’ve been seeing, after some levels you unlock other patios to plant more trees and earn more money , but first you have to have a good capital and this is quickly achieved with some games that are out there.

Do you remember that I told you about some hidden games a few paragraphs ago? Well, it is a box that you have on the right side of the screen, the logo is of a car and it says “more games”, that is where you must press. When you enter that box you will be loaded with other games that seem to be incorporated into the app, you can freely browse them and choose the one you like the most. Each game will have its own instructions, so be sure to pay attention and be aware that these games will be packed with ads. If you die there is an announcement waiting for you, the same if you pass a level or achieve any goal.

The reward is automatically credited to your account whether you win it through the tree or through the other games, it will all go to the same balance. Remember that after a while it will be mandatory to see ads, so consider very well whether to use the app or not, but if you don’t have much patience, I recommend that you better look for other options.

App to earn real money


You will have three balances in this app: one is a PayPal logo where you can clearly find rewards for this bank, the other is a Google Play logo where earnings can only be withdrawn via that method and another is a balance of diamonds in which you can find various gift cards as a method of payment . The fact is that no matter which one you choose, the minimum withdrawal is the same in all options and it is about 1,000 euros , so good luck collecting them.

Clearly they are not going to pay such a high amount , it is unsustainable no matter what app we are talking about. It is all about a simple lie, they will never pay you .

App to earn real money

Does Tree Growth Paradise pay?

Unfortunately I must tell you that no, Tree Growth Paradise does not pay , so if you have the game with the illusion of getting some extra pesos, it is better that you forget about that idea. The only one who is going to get money for this game is its creator and that’s not bad, the real problem is that it lies to its users and promises something that will never happen, that should be prohibited but the Play Store doesn’t seem to have much to stop it. Delete the game and if you want an application to earn real money I recommend you check our lists, there you can find some games that can help you, just keep in mind that they will not make you a millionaire.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:


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