Step Counter: Healthy Habits Review: real or fake?

Step Counter: Healthy Habits is a fitness app that is promoted on the internet as a pay-as-you-walk app. The truth is that Step Counter: Healthy Habits will never pay you for physical activity or any other activity. The app applies several fraudulent strategies to keep users on the platform for as long as possible.
The following review will disprove everything Step Counter: Healthy Habits claims in its advertising campaign. Read it to the end to find out all the details that this junk app contains.

Step Counter: Healthy Habits: is it legit?

Step Counter: Healthy Habits is not a legitimate app because it does not pay what it claims and uses misleading advertising to gain online fame. The app takes advantage of the global fitness app boom and creates a fake app through gimmicks. Step Counter: Healthy Habits is going viral and already has more than 10,000 downloads. Many sedentary people find motivation to lose weight in fitness apps, because if they get paid for doing physical activity, they feel more willing to move. However, this app is fake and will never pay its users for walking.
The app is in early access because the developer does not want users to publicly disclose that the app is a scam.

What is Step Counter: Healthy Habits?

Step Counter: Healthy Habits is a fitness app that is presented in the Google Play Store as an app with a simple and intuitive design. It was created by Tngo Noah, a developer famous for making fake apps. The platform aims to track your daily steps and stays on top of your fitness goals. The app is aimed at both a seasoned athlete and someone who is just starting their fitness journey, Step Counter has you covered. The app is suitable for users of all ages and is available worldwide.

Step Counter Healthy Habits has a sleek, modern design that is visually appealing and easy to navigate. Its user-friendly interface makes it incredibly simple to track your steps, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. The platform has a variety of customizable settings, you can tailor the app to meet your unique needs and preferences.

How does it work?

Step Counter: Healthy Habits has an easy-to-use interface that tracks your steps, no matter where you are or what you are doing. The app has a variety of customizable settings, which adapt to your unique needs and preferences.
The app allows you to set daily goals for steps taken, so you can stay accountable and motivated. You can also set reminders and notifications to help you stay on track and keep a detailed record of your progress over time. Step Counter: Healthy Habits sync with other fitness apps and devices, you can keep track of all your fitness data in one place. The platform does a good job of fitness, gives out coins for achieving daily goals and has several mini-games to entertain users in their free time. The platform displays advertisements all the time.


Step Counter: Healthy Habits says in its advertising campaign that it pays by PayPal. When it comes to collect your earnings in the app you realize that there is no payment method and that everything is a scam.

Conclusion of Step Counter: Healthy Habits

Step Counter: Healthy Habits does not pay because it is a fake app of the many that are in the Google Play Store and should not exist. The app may be useful to follow a workout plan, but it doesn’t pay a penny. The app takes advantage of people who need an incentive to exercise because they don’t really enjoy the workout. You should not download this app to your cell phone, as it is a waste of time.

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Step Counter: Healthy Habits does not pay.


  1. It does have a place to cash out. It’s not immediate and requires you to do 2000 steps per day for x amount of days for every cash out and then you have to wait for your payout to come up in the que… you start at around 9000… it’s been 4 days for me and one of my parents is now at 4600… it’s definitely going down like it’s supposed to in order to get the payout. It’s not instant and takes effort that also takes you DAYS to complete but so far, it’s legit.

  2. If you keep changing the date on your phone, sending at 50 dollars will count down to 8 people waiting.
    At $100, it counts down to 9.
    And at $150, it counts down to 11.
    It’s a scam.

  3. I’m going on the 2nd month waiting for the payout, don’t download this app it’s a waste of time.

  4. Rzeczywiście od razu po zainstalowaniu tej aplikacji na kilometr śmierdziała ściemą kupię jutro 50$ na Google Play i zobaczę co się stanie

  5. Hi,
    I have been waiting for payment for 1 month and nothing is happening. Stay away from that app. It is pure fraud. It first came that there are 9,700 people in front of you in the queue and then nothing happens the next day. Do not recommend that one use that app. It is a scandal that actors such as paypal, amazon, visa mastercard, googleplay have their logo and in a way promote a non-serious app.

  6. Ale kurwa ściemniacze, nie instalujcie tego gówna bo tylko czas tracicie i komuś kasę z reklam nabijać ie a w rezultacie nie dostaniecie ani grosza. Oszuści jebania

  7. Witajcie wam też apka znikła sama z telefonu rano jeszcze miałem a teraz chciałem zobaczyć i nie mam jej hehe beczka

  8. Warning: It’s total fraud. I spent the better part of 3 months, building up all of the payout tiers with the steps > coins > watch ads combo that the app requires for cashout. I had a place in the queue for all payout tiers (totalling around $1400), which start at around 9000 places down in each tier when you complete all the steps.

    Since my place in the queue was not moving very fast, I continued walking and watching ads daily. When I finally was <200 in the queue for the lowest tier, I went to bed as normal and woke up to find the app had disappeared from my phone and was also not available online anywhere.

    I can't stress this enough: do not trust this app. I reneged on my phone trade-in because I anticipated an eventual $1400 payout, which I also estimated would be every few months if I kept up on the app. I am not a stupid person by any means, but was clearly swindled by these hucksters. Consider yourself warned. Delete it if you have it, and warn your friends and family. #StepCounter:HealthyHabits is #purefraud.

  9. I had the app for 4 months, Walked every Day and saw a lot of advertisements. My payout starded with 9999 people and I was nog down to 230 and the app is gone. No payout.
    And they make money from watching the ads. STEP COUNTER is SCAM

  10. scammers I waited 3 months for the money to be withdrawn and when they were about to withdraw it, the application became dangerous for the phone

  11. I downloaded App just to see. When completing tasks it said I will get paid but there are 9600 people in front of me.
    I have been watching it for 3 months now and got down to 600 odd people in front of me.
    Today the App has disappeared from my phone..
    I didn’t expect to make big money but absolutely nothing.
    I’m not stupid but I thought they may pay out a minimal amount and just tested it out to see.
    Completely fraudulent.

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