Wow Charge – An App That Pays You To Charge Your Cell Phone?

Wow Charge – Legitimate or scam?

Today we will talk about  Wow Charge , a supposed  application  to earn money online  that is presented as an  app that does pay . The app is quite curious, since it is an  app that will pay us to charge our cell phone,  or at least that is the promise.

Anyway, here we will put it to the test to find out if it really is an  app that does pay  or just another  junk app  that will waste our time. No matter what the result is, I will tell you, this way you can decide to use it or not. Remember that the article is based on my experience and under no circumstances are we promoting this or any other application, we are only users like you. We are looking for an  application to earn money online  that works for us and is legitimate and if we can help other users along the way, then we do it.

One last thing before starting, if you read until the end you will be able to find the names of several lists that gather  apps that do pay . All there are  applications to earn money online for free  and have various tasks and games. In addition to having various  payment methods  that can help you have more comfort. But hey, we are going to focus on  Wow Charge , an app that does not have a publication date and you can only see what was last updated in February of this year. So far it has more than 100,000 downloads and, as usual, not a single review from its users.

What is Wow Charge?

Wow Charge  is a rather curious app and possibly one of the rarest when it comes to searching the market for applications  to earn money online . To tell you the truth, I think there’s only been one other time I’ve come across something like it and unfortunately it wasn’t a good result and from what I’m seeing it seems to be going the same way this time. Apart from that, if you stop to think, it is very rare to have an  app that does pay  and that just  pays you for charging your cell phone.  I think that’s not logical for anyone, right?

But hey, you may wonder who is behind this app and if it has already ventured with something similar and well, here I am going to disappoint you a bit. The studio that created it is called  Mobile Charge Club  and so far it has not published any other app. What’s more, it is not possible to access the company’s profile and there is also no information available on the web, all we have is the little information in the description box of  Wow Charge . Of course, all this information, as well as that of the advertisements, can be manipulated and thus make it more attractive to the public, even if these are lies that will take users a lot of time.

To tell the truth it seems that every time the creators go further in terms of their lies, they don’t mind creating whatever and then selling it as an  application to earn money online  even when it is not.

wow charge

Installation and registration in Wow Charge:

The application is not very difficult to find and all you have to do is place its name in the search engine or enter from an advertisement. If it is not compatible with your cell phone, it will not appear and for this there is no solution, so I only recommend that you continue to the next game.

Luckily you will not need any type of registration to enter, so do not worry about having to enter a name or email.

wow charge

How to play?

When you enter  Wow Charge  you will find yourself directly with a screen that gives you more details of each aspect of the app. It is supposed that the main thing is to activate a screensaver so that in this way ads can be placed and thus, you will finally start to  “receive your reward for charging the cell phone” . Another thing that you will have are the mini games, these are simple, they are integrated into the app and of course they are full of ads.

You will have both possibilities to start  generating profits , but you can choose whether to do only one. If you choose the main one, you must give a special permission and this can cause them to access your data or leave sensitive points on your mobile so that someone can take advantage of it later. Now, if you choose the minigames, you will have the option to browse through them and choose the one you like the most. The games are varied and each one has its instructions and dynamics, but all of them will be full of ads without exception. In fact, all that  Wow Charge is  is reduced to a simple excuse to make you see ads, which is unfortunate.

The  reward  is delivered as you complete each task or goal and if it’s about the games, it’s delivered every time you clear a level. As is customary in all  PUAs , you will have the option to see ads and multiply earnings, but I do not recommend this.

Application to earn money online - app that does pay


You are supposed to be able  to request your payment  via  PayPal , although the option was never unlocked in my case. I used the app for a long time and although  I earned some coins , it was not possible to access a  withdrawal box . The  payment that he promises is a lie  and it is better that you be clear about it, so you do not waste your time.

Application to earn money online - app that does pay

Does Wow Charge pay?

Wow Charge does not pay , it is a waste of time and this is evident from the first moment. The app is just an excuse for you to see ads, so the creator benefits and you are innocently hoping for something that will never happen. There is no such payment ,  it’s just bait  for you to stand there and agree to watch commercial after commercial only to later realize it won’t do any good. Sadly, this is not the only case of this type, which is why this blog exists. Delete the app and review our articles, here you can find both complaints about  scam applications , and  apps that do pay  and are already verified by us.

If you check the blog you will not only find some applications that you should get rid of, but you will also have at your disposal some lists that gather  apps that do pay . All have been verified and have an article in which there is more information about each one. They also have a link for you to install them from the Play Store. Below you will have the link to the most extensive list of all so that you can review it and understand what I am talking about. There you will have a large number of apps to choose from.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:


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