Two Walls – Is It Paying? (Review)

You may have heard about this application, Two Walls, which is an application that works together with other games within the same, and this, has a repertoire of games that could be of interest to you, however that does not interest us at this time, although it is a very important point to attract the attention of users, the important thing in this situation, is that it is true and actually pays those who use it, if you want to know that and more, keep reading our article so you can find out everything you need to know about this application.

What is Two Walls?

This is an application that you can find on the Google Play platform, for you to be sure that it is the application you are looking for you should take a good look at the studio that created it, it claims to be an application that will make you want to play it for hours and hours, however let me tell you that most developers put that in the descriptions of their apps, However, the gap between what they say and what it really is, is very long, as I said it claims to be a casual game, simple but addictive, that is intended to keep you entertained for hours, and you can use it for long periods of time, this obviously for the benefit of its developers.

It is divided into levels and the difficulty to handle each level, increases depending on which you are, each time you go up a level will add more and more obstacles, since the mode of operation of this game is that you are a little ball that really go through a series of obstacles to complete each new level.

Installation and registration in Two Walls:

Honestly it is a bit complicated to find the application, since at first glance it is not one that appears in the first results, you have to be a little insistent in looking for it to be able to find the one that is real, remember that never for any reason, we must install any application that is not what we are looking for, since we have to be careful with the data that we provide many times to the applications that we download on our devices, and taking it lightly is not the most convenient.

If there is not much problem at the time of installing the application , my best recommendation would be that I just gave you, be careful with everything we add storage of our equipment.

Payments in Two Walls:

This application at first glance it might seem that it is an app that if you pay, however if you get into the Google Play platform, you will see that most of the ratings are only one star, never get carried away by the advertising they show you, as they will always show you what they want you to see, you have to be smarter than them, and investigate on other sides other than the same social networks of the app, or paid advertising that they upload to any other social network.

The best recommendation I could give you, would be that as such, do not get carried away by advertising, no matter how flashy it is, no matter how much money they promise to pay you, since absolutely no one in their right mind is going to pay large amounts of money, for such a short time of use.


My conclusion would be in this case , that you do not download the application under any circumstances, since it really will never pay you, and has very bad reviews, so that’s it, we must know well what applications we will spend all our free time, do not take this, since it is not just anything, we must know what time is something that will never return, so you have to spare it in the best way, and what better to look for an extra income, in an application that is reliable and trustworthy from the beginning.

If you want to know about apps that do pay, on our website you can find a long list of reliable and honest apps, each and every one tested by us, so that your transit through the Internet in search of an app that does pay, will be easier.




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