BigBang Box – Reward Gift – Earn cash (Review)

Today we will be doing a review about BigBang Box, this is an application that allow you to generate extra income from the comfort of our home, office, school, or anywhere we decide, however, what we seek in this blog to lie or recommend applications to generate this type of extra income that I’m talking about, if you are interested in knowing apps that do pay, I invite you to read our blog because here you can find a large list of applications of this type, and conversely you can also read about applications that were to its users and not fall for your scams.

What is BigBang Box?

If you are one of those people who like to play online games, through an application such as Free Fire, Roblox, and all those kinds of apps, this application claims to be your best option, since the rewards they give you, usually apart from cash, are diamonds or rewards that you can use through these applications that I have mentioned. In case this is real, it can be very convenient for many of us, since in general, being able to invest in these applications is usually a bit expensive, since they sell you by packages and a large number of diamonds, so if you are looking to generate income to be able to use them in these apps, maybe it is for you.

This is an app that will pay you diamonds in Free Fire, or Robux for the time you are active in the application, it sounds too good to be true, and we must listen to our intuition, when we see that some are generating large revenues, or rather, tell us that we will generate large revenues for doing the minimum, we must know that this is a red light, since none will pay you so much for doing so little, and this obviously because it does not suit them.

Installation and registration in BigBang Box:

In order to install this application we must simply look for it on the Google Play platform, at first glance I can see that it is an application which its developers hide some comments, if we put this in context, according to other applications that we have reviewed here on the blog, usually that is not a good indicator, since they do this because users go to Google Play, to the comments section, and complain about many situations, usually for the operation, because the app is slow, and obviously what we are interested to know, because sometimes the applications are scam and do not pay.

I can see that it has more than 100,000 downloads, this is a very low number for an app that supposedly pays you, so, if we compare it with other apps that have more than 10 million, 5 million downloads, we can see that maybe it is because it is new.

Exactly for over 13 years, this indicates to me that it is an application mostly aimed at a younger audience, contains ads, and what I could observe also in the applications that can be a bit annoying, since they put a lot.

With this app you can unlock big bonuses, and as I told you at the beginning is an application mostly to entertain, although also, the intention mostly of people who download it is because they want to generate rewards that can be used later in other applications.

Payments in BigBang Box:

As I have been mentioning from the beginning this is an application that does not pay directly in cash, or rather this is not a main mode of operation for them, this means that their payments are through subordinates, which means that they will give you earnings that you can use in other applications, such as Roblox and Free Fire, entertainment applications for underage audiences in most cases, and so far I can tell you that this application does not pay, however you can use it as entertainment, and some part for the theme of leisure.

Up to this point I can tell you that this application does not pay , do not waste your time there are other better ways to be able to generate income, or in this case to be able to generate rewards to be able to use external applications, so do not be discouraged believe me you will find another that can be molded to your needs.


If you are interested in learning more about apps that pay, or may also be in your case, apps that do not pay to know which ones to avoid, I invite you to read our blog, as we are constantly uploading articles about scam applications, and we have a list of apps that do pay, and in which you can trust as we have tested each and every one of them to make your way easier to find a trusted app.




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