Rich Banknote Cutter – Pay or Scam? (Review)

If you are interested in making money online Rich Banknote Cutter, it claims to be the best option. Today we are with a new article, which I hope will be of your interest, probably if you came here to read it, it definitely is, I will be proving the veracity of a new application, or disproving it in case it is completely the opposite, just to remind you, in this block we do reviews about applications of this same type, which promise to pay their users to use it, either by playing, answering surveys, watching Videos, etc…

What is Rich Banknote Cutter?

At first glance it seems to be an application not very different from the ones we have investigated in this blog , need a game like Fruit Ninja, but of banknotes, this game has been very popular in its time, because of how entertaining it can be this type of dynamic, however what he really matters to us is not that it is entertaining, although it is a key point to keep its users happy, here the real importance of the we will give it as to whether it is legitimate or not, that is, if you pay as mentioned in the Google Play platform, or is another application more scamming people.

There is not much to say about the operation of this application, it seems to be very simple to tell the truth, I do not see anything different from other applications that are on this platform, although what I can tell you is that apparently it is very new, has just 500 downloads, is for over 13 years, and you can find it as I mentioned, on Google Play, it is not very complicated to install it, you just have to verify that indeed your device is compatible with the game.

Installation and registration in Rich Banknote Cutter:

As I already mentioned it is not complicated to start playing this app, you just have to download it, it does not ask for any kind of registration, usually these applications do not ask for a registration as such very laborious, however there are others that do and usually those applications are the truthful, you have to be very careful with the type of information that we give to this type of apps, as there may be a possibility that they are a trap to enter your information elsewhere where you do not decide, so it is important to always keep us alert.

When you enter the app after performing these steps that I told you, it will give you a bonus for a high amount of money, sadly I must tell you that this is simply to captivate the user, since hardly or not in all cases this ever becomes cash, you probably wonder why they do it, and it is simple they do it to fool you, and you think that this money will come into your hands.

For me , at this point I can see that it is a 100% scam app, that it is a new app does not mean that it does not pay, since at some point all the apps that pay, were new, however I can tell you, that it has the same mode of operation, and the same logistics as all the apps of which I did a review, and of course, they are fake.

Payments in Rich Banknote Cutter:

Your payment method is by dollars , in PayPal, usually that is what they tell you that they use to be able to generate a greater confidence, since PayPal being a platform of high confidence to make deposits online, and that you can later use that money either in cash, or by card, generates a greater confidence to you as a user, however there is nothing missing that the developer who wants to take advantage of this, and wants to deceive you, as is the case.

It will be giving you flashy rewards, every time you go creating more points, do not fall, this is not real, you should be careful, because if rather you did not give personal information, you are giving something just as important as that, your time.


My conclusion is, that we as users, we must be very careful in what we are going to invest our time, since this is something that will never return, this time we were in front of a scam application, there were many people who fell into his trap and will have invested a lot of hours using it, believing that this at some point would give them a monetary reward, fortunately you arrived in time, since you read our article and so you may have realized what this application is not worth it.

If you are interested in learning about applications that do pay, I recommend you visit our website, at the end of the article will come a link so you do not do anything difficult to enter it or find it, I hope this article has been very useful for you, and that you never fall for the lie of certain applications.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:


  1. I’m completed the task and make payment for Rich Banknote Cutters
    I’m been waiting for 2days
    That no fund credit in PayPal.

    I checked with PayPal customer service
    Still no news.

    I do not know this is a fake or true to get the rewards.

  2. Ou est votre contrat pour je déclare de non pas reçu mon récompense pour les jeux Visa

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