Wow Translate-Win Rewards: does it really pay?

Wow Translate-Win Rewards is an app that is heavily promoted on the internet as an app to earn money translating texts. The platform takes advantage of this era of globalization where it is required to speak English and also other languages such as Chinese, if possible. The reality is that Wow Translate-Win Rewards does not pay for translating, as it manipulates users to deceive them.
Read the following review carefully and find out how Wow Translate-Win Rewards lies to users.

Wow Translate-Win Rewards: is it legit?

Wow Translate-Win Rewards no es una app legítima ya que no paga nada de lo que promete y además manipula a los usuarios a traves de diversos artilugios.

What is Wow Translate-Win Rewards?

Wow Translate – Win Rewards is a money-making application that pays users for translating texts. The app was developed by Team Koala, a company famous for creating fraudulent apps. For starters, the platform is full of ads that you are forced to watch, the interface is bad and the dynamics of the app is not functional. Definitely exploring this application is not a good experience because it presents several errors. Anyway if you want to know it, the app is in Play Store and you just have to search for it by its name.
Wow Translate – Win Rewards does not require registration and you can log in directly. This is a negative aspect of the platform, as it will not keep track of the texts you translated.
Once you log in to the app, you can start translating texts directly.
The app requires in-app purchases, which is a bad sign, as it all ends up being a scam. Never buy anything within an app that requires it, you will lose your money.

How does it work?

The way Wow Translate – Win Rewards works is that you see advertisements for them to earn money. Any task you choose to do will lead you to see an advertisement. This can be when you start the task or when you continue with the task. If you don’t want to watch video ads, you won’t get paid. However, they don’t ask you if you want to see advertising, the platform imposes that condition on you.
Among the activities to choose from are reading texts, translating texts, scanning codes, playing roulette and playing a slot machine. As you can see, these activities have nothing to do with each other. What happens is that the platform wants you to see advertising in any way possible.
Once you choose the task you are going to perform you will receive a brief instruction. Your job will be to fulfill it and then get paid. Each of these activities has a different reward, the first three on the list are the best paid.


Wow Translate- Win Rewards pays through PayPal, Amazon, Google Play, OXXO and Steam. The minimum withdrawal is the same for all methods: $500.
If you want you can also request payments of $1,000, $1,500 and $2,000, although these figures are never achieved on this platform.

Conclusion of Wow Translate – Win Rewards

Wow Translate- Win Rewards will not send your payment through any method because it simply does not pay. The app makes money from the ads you see and will never pay you for it.
Wow Translate- Win Rewards is a fraudulent platform that misleads users by promising high payouts and ultimately does not deliver what it claims.
If you want to find an app that does pay, explore this website, AppsPayingMe and you will find legitimate apps with which you can earn money. These platforms allow you to generate extra income while you entertain yourself by playing games or completing paid tasks.


Wow Translate – Win Rewards does not pay.

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